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Do any of you guys have any other hobbies beside Video Games?

1. I'm hardcore Comic Books collector/reader for over two decade way before I started Video Games.

2. I'm have been a HeroClix player/organizer/judge for over 10 years now. I started a Bay Area Website dedicated to local players to finder other players to play against. Currentl over 100 member have join my league and over 200 players have used my site.

Look under the member profile you can see me as owner. I have help over 10 local gaming stores started organizing HeroClix and play a big role in most of the local major tournament.

3. DIE HARD FOOTBALL (American) fan. My wife would always tell her friends that she's a widow between the months of September to January.

Let's hear yours.

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Basketball/Acting/Piano/Writing and Working out although i wouldnt really call that a hobby :P lol


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not really.. i do a whole heck of a lot of things. But none of it is close to video games, web browsing, and playing with cats. Those are things i love. Everything else is out of necessity.

Football (Soccer)/Cinema/Cycling

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Weight Training and Crossfit

im a heavy drinker yes that is a hobby (see my pic that is a drunkface)

also music and movies 24/7

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Drawing. I love to draw video game characters. Especially the Zelda characters:)

Car and a few friends get together once a month at the racing track for some fun competition.

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Is masturbation a hobby? I play guitar and mess with computers, and I also like manga/anime.