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Does the touch pad look unsightly to you?

YES! You're right! They should put a sexy logo there!
Yeah, I'm a bit surprised now that you mention it.
Naah, it looks great.
Who cares.

Okay, okay, I've overplayed the thread title! Sony got everything pretty much spot on with the PS4... The console specs, design, infrastructure etc. etc.


Is so obviously lacking something I cannot fathom why I haven't heard it from anywhere else before... I'm REALLY into aesthetics, and there is one glaring flaw with the DS4.

WHY is there no awesome PS logo on the touch pad? It looks butt-fuck ugly that there is just a dull, black rectangular slab in the middle of my controller! NOOOOO!

They even put something on the touch pad of the Vita,

Okay, I wouldn't go for that on the DS4, but it's at least better than the plain black.

Is anyone with me at all on this one!?

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yeh i think they could have put the PS logo on it or something

Not a major problem, attention seeking thread.

Jozu said:
Not a major problem, attention seeking thread.

Not really an "attention seeking thread".

It's more that I really have this opinion and thought I'd provoke users into coming in and having a look. What's the harm in some fun?

Plus, there are at least a few users (from the poll) who agree that they don't like the look of the DS4 as it stands.

It is a major issues... how can Sony fix that?

The console have a sexy logo BTW.


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ethomaz said:

It is a major issues... how can Sony fix that?

The console have a sexy logo BTW.

YAY! The PS God agrees with me :P

If the PS logo lit up blue when the controller switched on then that'd look increcible.

This is the age of consumerism: people begging for logos.

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would be nice with a PS logo, but it is by no means a major problem and you probably won't even notice it while playing games

Still looks better than the X1 controller imo. I don't get how they made it less sexy than the black 360 controller.

Looks like a plug-in pc controller from the 90's.

Would be cool if Sony put rumble in the triggers though :)

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theshonen8899 said:
This is the age of consumerism: people begging for logos.

OOOH LAAAAWWD look what we have here!

I am a consumer that will be buying a product from an international electronics company. Sure. The topic here is the aesthetics of the DS4 controller and since it's the

ONLY CONTROLLER EVER with absolutely nothing slap bangin it's centre, I feel more than justified to make this suggestion.