Forums - Nintendo Discussion - After stepping away from E3 are you disappointed with Mario 3D World?

Super Mario 3D World

Massively disappointed 89 22.03%
Somewhat disappointed 82 20.30%
Neutral 82 20.30%
Somewhat Excited 69 17.08%
Very Excited 80 19.80%

E3 was a buzz, opinions were flying everywhere, and a circlejerk mentality was instituted by the gaming hivemind. 


Now that we have calmed and stepped away from E3. What is your opinion with Super Mario 3D world?


I'm still pretty disappointed. I mean 3D land was not my favorite game, and this looks like a level pack for that game. I think Kyle Bosman nailed it on the head when he said: " Story in Mario games doesn't matter, but context does. Super Mario 3D world looks like levels rather than the rich worlds we have seen in previous Mario games."


After all the crazy went away, I still think this game looks bad.

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short answer, yes

I'm disappointed, too

it doesnt look back it is jsut on the wrong platform.

I wanted a free moving camera mario game like n64

If they wnated multiplayer they could have had made it two screen or split screen so everyone had free rain in the level. Online should have been added for free reign multiplayer



relax people.. it will be great!.. stupid to judge things with out trying it first.


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I don't think it'll be terrible or anything, but I was hoping for something that could compare to or even top previous 3D Mario games. This doesn't look like it's going to do it for me. 3D Mario was what I planned to get a Wii U for but I think I'm just going to wait for MK or possibly Smash at this point.

hell no. Im not disappointed. The kitty suit looks so freakin cute! Its gonna be multiplayrrr!

Disappointed. Why?

Because there are only 3 games that would make me purchase a Wii U.

New Zelda, Metroid or Mario.

And I'd rather play Mario Galaxy in HD on the Dolphin emulator again than play this.

Im extremely excited about local multiplayer, finally get to play a 3D mario game with my friends! :D

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I am kinda disappointed as well... I'm sure it'll be a great game and all, but this game is not what I want from the FIRST 3D Mario on a new Nintendo console. I totally agree with you and Kyle Bosman!

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