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Is this a good package to get or should i buy something better?

This is good enough 12 13.79%
You need something better 75 86.21%

Ok so my internet is kinda crappy, i did a speed test and these were the results  Ping: 1561ms             Download: 0.34Mbps            Upload: 0.31Mbps

i wanna know whats considered fast internet, i was looking and i was thinking on gettting the one that has Download at 3.0 Mbps  and Upload at 512 Kbps. should i go with this one??

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What country is this?

In my country, i get 21mb down and 1mb up for broadband. While, 3G internet on my phone is about half that. 

But yeah, i think you should upgrade for sure

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Depends on what you're doing. For basic functions, 3 mbps should be sufficient. If you download/upload large files, have many people using the internet, plan to stream media and game content, etc, etc you certainly can find something more along the lines of 5mb down/ 1 mb up or more.

That isn't too bad, if you are the only one using that internet. If you want something faster, than you could get it. It wouldn't hurt. If you are downloading/uploading large files on a regular basis, I would probably say you might want to get an upgrade.

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I do not know much about internet speeds, but Comcast is really good. Never have had a problem with them. If yours is slow, try them out.

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That's pretty bad, and I thought my internet was very crappy xD

My download speed is 2.92 Mbps and upload is 0.67 Mbps. Ping is 42 ms

I live in Central America.

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o.O compared to your speeds a first world problem, but still:

Not satisfied at all. 1.5MB/s down and 100KB/s up is pretty crappy, especially when

basically the whole town around you can get 6.25MB/s down and 1.25MB/s up :/

Also, our providers sucks with youtube...

Your internet is not "kinda crappy", it's terrible (no harm intended)

I have 16mbps and it's below the average in my country.... I'm moving however and will get probably 100mbps soon (theoretically it's already available at my current home, but I still have a contract...)

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KHlover said:

Seeing this kind of internet speeds makes me sad T.T

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