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vivster said:
I subscribed to Linus Tech Tips and I have mixed feelings. The videos are interesting and entertaining but I struggle to full trust him. He does come off really honest but when every second sentence is a mention of a sponsor I get the feeling that certain conclusions aren't really that honest.

Linus won't hold back on criticizing a product, even if it's a product sponsor. - In saying that, he doesn't get everything right, but that goes for any outlet/reviewer, always good to get multiple opinions.

Digital Foundry had a look at StarCitizen, one of the big PC exclusives coming in the next few years.
They were impressed on it's Technical achievements and even stated it's a "Next Gen game that is playable today."

Yay. PC.

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What they're trying to achieve with SC is remarkable and insanely ambitious. I really hope they succeed in reaching that vision.

It's finally Friday! That means that these are the last news of the week:


My Friend Pedro sells almost 500,000 copies, now has more modes
"Aw, that's cute" is not something I thought I'd say about My Friend Pedro but here we are. The slow-motion murder platformer extravaganza now has a 'tiny player mode' and it's properly adorable. This comes as part of the Code Yellow update, which adds 14 modifiers to the skateboard shoot-a-thon including cinematic camera mode, big head mode, adjustable focus speed, and adjustable player speed. There's also an option to hide the HUD and a timer for speedrunners.
According to publisher Devolver Digital's blog post announcing Code Yellow "nearly half a million folks" have bought My Friend Pedro. I can see why—it's a hyper replayable score-attack kill-em-up with a goofy theme, and I had a blast playing it.

Observer and Alan Wake American Nightmare are available for free on Epic Games Store
Epic Games has announced that Observer and Alan Wake American Nightmare are now available for free on its store. From today and until October 24th, PC gamers can acquire their free copies for these two titles.
>> Next week it will be Layer of Fear and Qube.

Crusader Kings 2 is free on Steam amid big Paradox sale
Paradox Interactive's convention, PDXCON, kicks off very shortly, and to celebrate the publisher is offering Crusader Kings 2 for free on Steam. It's not a limited time demo, so if you grab the game from now until (presumably) the end of PDXCON on October 20, you'll get to keep it forever.
Paradox is also holding a big sale on Steam, with recent titles like Age of Wonders: Planetfall and Imperator: Rome getting discounts of 10 percent and 33 percent respectively. The back catalogue stuff is where the really steep discounts are, though: Prison Architect, Stellaris and Europa Universalis IV are all 70 percent off, for example. Check out the full sale here.

On the Humble Store, the Deus Ex franchise is on sale, up to 85% off for the next 3 days: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/deus-ex-franchise-sale/

At Fanatical there are several new deals and bundles:






Official PC system requirements for Need for Speed Heat revealed
Electronic Arts has revealed the official PC system requirements for Need for Speed Heat via its Origin store page. According to the specs, PC gamers will at least need an AMD FX-6350 or an Intel Core i5-3570 with 8GB of RAM.

Obsidian releases the official PC requirements for The Outer Worlds
Obsidian has revealed the official PC system requirements for The Outer Worlds. According to the specs, PC gamers will at least need an Intel Core i3-3225 or an AMD Phenom II X6 1100T with 4GB of RAM.

First alpha testing for Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge begins on October 24th
Ninja Theory has announced that the first alpha test for Bleeding Edge will begin on October 24th. Bleeding Edge is an online 4v4 melee game that focuses on hand-to-hand combat and every character will have his/her own weapons and unique look.

Demo released for sci-fi horror first-person survival game, Shadows of Kepler
Infinite Hole has released a demo for its upcoming sci-fi horror first-person survival game, Shadows of Kepler. Shadows of Kepler promises to contain RPG elements to bring a unique game style in first person.
>> Get the demo from Steam, and the article links its Kickstarter campaign, if you're interested,

First gameplay trailer for Unreal Engine 4-powered medieval battle royale game, RAN: Lost Islands
Zodiac Interactive has revealed the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming medieval battle royale game, RAN: Lost Islands. RAN: Lost Islands is an online medieval battle royale that thrusts 100 players into do or die combat and survival coming to PC later this year.

Cyberpunk 2077 will have an overhauled streaming system, will be a real show piece in terms of tech
John Mamais, studio head at CD Projekt Red’s Krakow studio, has revealed some new tech details about Cyberpunk 2077. According to Mamais, Cyberpunk 2077 will feature an overhauled streaming system.

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Friday news, part two:

The big Fallout 76 Wastelanders update has been delayed to 2020
The big Fallout 76 Wastelanders update that will bring NPCs, companions, a new story quest, dialog options, and more to the post-nuclear online adventure—that will make it more like an actual Fallout game, in other words—has been delayed. It was initially expected to be out this fall, but Bethesda announced today that it's been pushed into early 2020.

Imperator Rome exploit lets you create ancient megacities by stacking thousands of horses
Ancient Rome had a population of about one million people at its height, but due to a balance oversight in classical grand strategy sandbox Imperator: Rome, redditor Vingsii has found a way to make that look like a quaint little village. And it involves horses. Lots and lots and lots of horses.

Borderlands 3 hotfix nerfs one of its most OP guns
Gearbox has rolled out a new Borderlands 3 hotfix that fixes a few bugs and makes a number of adjustments to weapons and Vault Hunters. Top of the list is a major nerf to the Flakker, a legendary shotgun which was widely regarded as one of the best weapons in the game, and which has had its damage reduced by 33 percent and now consumes its entire magazine in one shot.

Team Fortress 2's Halloween 2019 event is live
I used to reinstall Team Fortress 2 every year for Halloween, dressing up in seasonal cosmetics to fight giant enemies like the Horseless Headless Horsemann, Monoculus, and Merasmus, or to just drive around in karts. Those events continue, and Scream Fortress 11 is live right now. As is the case in recent years it's more of a showcase for player-made creations, with two community maps and a host of community-created cosmetics.

Mortal Kombat 11 has three spooky new skins, is about to get a Halloween event
It's the spooky month and every game's racing to get its Halloween content in front of our faces. For mortal Kombat 11 it's the Masquerade Skin Pack, a collection of three new looks for Jade, Liu Kang, and Kabal.

Finally, a Metal Gear for nudists: free action game Sabotage
Top-down action game Sabotage is a bit like Metal Gear, except the 'badass' colonel you're playing as feels more comfortable infiltrating an enemy stronghold in his birthday suit. Taking the Ludum Dare jam theme 'start with nothing' to perhaps its logical extreme, you start Sabotage with, well, with absolutely nothing. Not even any weapons, or clothes.

Destiny 2's new armor system is getting a few important tweaks
Bungie's weekly blog post series—This Week at Bungie—is often dense with information, and this week's This Week is definitely one of those times. The post for this past week includes details about some upcoming events, like Master Nightmare Hunts, planned nerfs to certain Titan and Warlock supers, and some important changes to the Armor 2.0 modding system introduced with the launch of Shadowkeep.

Capcom plans to revive 'dormant IPs' after massive success with Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter
Capcom has been having a pretty good run lately, what with the success of Monster Hunter: World, the remade Resident Evil 2, and Devil May Cry 5. In its latest financial report, Capcom hints that this string of successes is fuelling a push to revive dormant—but still valuable—Capcom properties.
>> I hope one of them is Onimusha.

Take a peek at Final Fantasy XIV's new Neir-inspired raid dungeon in this new trailer
The first major update to Final Fantasy XIV since the launch of the Shadowbringers expansion will arrive October 29, and it's bringing a ton of new content to the ever-changing MMO.

The Outer Worlds' launch trailer asks if you want to be the hero or the villain
"Some people want you to be a savior, a shining beacon of hope," a woman's voice intones as the new launch trailer for The Outer Worlds begins. "Those people clearly haven't met you yet." As she finishes, the grimy guitar chords of T. Rex's 20th Century Boy replace the orchestral score, and we're off to the races.
>> Ryuu96 has made a thread about it.

Time to check the available deals at GOG (many) and Steam (also many):



Fin, the end, das ende, whatever you call it. There are no more news. Now go and have a happy and gaming weekend.

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Well this comes as shit news for those who own Control on PC:


Didn't buy it due to exclusivity bs, but now I guess I don't need to bother with Remedy anymore. QB was a shit port anyway.


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The dates for the upcoming Steam sales have been leaked.

Halloween Sale: October 28 - November 1
Autumn Sale: November 26 - December 3
Winter Sale: December 19 - January 2


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Hey, I would like more PC-games rising to the top-ranks in the yearly greatest game event on VGC. Preferable old DOS-games (as this is my jam). Anyways, consider participating to influence the results towards PC: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=241130

Also this list of PC-games from last time is too short.

Greatest game event 2019: SIGN UP NOW!

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Let's go with the Monday news:


Steam's Top 10

  1. Disco Elysium
  2. Destiny 2: Forsaken
  3. Valve Index VR Kit
  4. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Digital Deluxe Edition
  6. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
  7. Total War: WARHAMMER II
  8. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Digital Deluxe Edition
  9. Hell Let Loose
  10. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Get Crusader Kings 2 DLC The Old Gods for free
Crusader Kings 2 is now free, which is nice. And so is The Old Gods expansion, but only if you sign up to the Crusader Kings newsletter. You'll get a confirmation email and, pagan deities willing, then receive a Steam Key for the DLC.

GOG has two new sales, and both will last the whole week:

Steam has two daily deals:

Fanatical has four new deals:


Humble's monthly bundle is getting more expensive, but you'll get to choose your games
The Humble Monthly bundle is on the way out, and will soon be replaced by a new service called Humble Choice, which will be more expensive to everyone except existing subscribers.
Currently, the monthly bundle costs $12 for a handful of mystery games, including a couple of early unlocks that are usually better-known titles. Under Humble Choice, you'll be able to choose the games you keep from a wide selection: you'll keep three games if you sign up to the $15/month basic plan, or nine games if you pay $20 a month for the premium subscription. The company hasn't said how big the selection of games you'll pick from will be.
If you're already signed up to the Humble Monthly bundle before the services switch over, which will happen "later this year", then you don't need to worry: you'll keep paying $12 monthly on a "classic" subscription plan, and you'll keep 10 games per month. Any discounts you currently earn by paying for multiple months at a time will carry over. But if you cancel your classic membership after the switch to Humble Choice then you won't be able to get it back, and you'll have to resubscribe as if you were a new customer, the company said in an FAQ.
>> So now you'll pay more to get less, but you'll be able to choose what you get. I don't think it's worth it.

This Unreal Engine 4 tech video showcases next-gen weather/physics effects that will blow you away
YouTube’s ‘koooolalala’ has shared a mind blowing real-time tech video for Unreal Engine 4, showing some of the best Storm effects we’ve ever seen. This video was running in real-time on the PC, and showcases what the next-gen experience that PCs can offer.
The artist used Unreal Engine 4.23 and Speedtree in order to create this scene. Moreover, koooolalala used the VICODynamics and Custom Lens Flare VFX plugins.


BSNES Version 112 available for download to everyone, features overclocking & input latency options
The team behind BSNES, an emulator for Super Nintendo, has released a brand new version of it. Version 112 comes with overclocking and input latency options. It also comes with a HD Mode 7 setting that lets you improve the visuals of all Mode 7 games.
Going into more details, the overclocking settings allow you to increase the frequency of the CPU, as well as the frequency of the SA-1 and Super FX chips. Theoretically, this should address the framerate issues in most of the SNES games.

This mod for The Witcher 3 overhauls and brings 4K textures to Ciri, Yennefer and Triss Merigold
Denroth has released a brand new mod for The Witcher 3 that brings 4K textures to the main female roster of the game. In other words, this mod improves Ciri, Yennefer and Triss Merigold. Alongside the new 4K textures, the modder has also brought some additional improvements.
For instance, this mod features better hair for all three female characters, new eyelashes and better eyes. It also brings enhanced skin pores, better hands and feet, as well as new intimate areas. Denroth has also added new personal textures for each character (which do not affect other NPCs), and maps re-elaborated in high definition. Players can also increase the LOD for these models, though this introduces some bugs.
>> You'll find the instructions to install (and run) this mod, as well as the download link (from Nexus Mods) in the article.

You can now play Watch_Dogs 2 in first-person mode thanks to this mod
HeySlickThatsMe has released a pretty cool new mod for Watch_Dogs 2. As the title suggests, this mod allows you to play Ubisoft’s open-world action adventure game via a first-person perspective.
Do note that this isn’t a perfect mod, and there are numerous issues/glitches with it. Still, the modder decided to release it as there is a lot of demand for this FPS mod.
As HeySlickThatsMe suggests, only the foot camera has been changed. The takedown cameras are still in third-person due to major issues.
>> If you're interested, head to Nexus Mods for it.

New mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim adds monsters, weapons, signs & more from The Witcher games
Talyn82 has released new enhanced versions of the Skyrim Witcher Experience for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As the title suggests, this mod adds to Skyrim monsters, armors, weapons, signs, potions and books from The Witcher games.
Modder AlphaWolF was responsible for the original Skyrim Witcher Experience mod, and this new version aims to improve upon AlphaWolF’s work. Version 1.2 addresses some of the mod’s issues, such as broken enchantments and broken weapon stats.
Moreover, the enhanced version of Skyrim Witcher Experience fixes flames shooting upward and removes Dawnguard dependacy. In addition, most armors are now craftable. All armors are now upgradeable, as well as Rare and Epic armors.
Furthermore, all alchemists now sell Witcher ingredients. In villages without alchemists, the tavern keepers sell ingredients. Also, Enchantments on all weapons and armors have been fixed.
>> There are two version of this mod, one for the Original Skyrim, and another one for the Special Edition.

Next version of Halo SPV3 will support Ray Tracing for Screen Space Reflections, first screenshots
The team behind the SPV3 total overhaul mod for Halo: Combat Evolved has announced that its next version will support Ray Tracing for Screen Space Reflections. Moreover, the team has released the first screenshots showcasing these ray-traced reflections that you can find below.

Alien: Hope for the Future is a new fan Alien game; more faithful to the movies than official games
IIapagokc has released a brand new gameplay trailer for a new fan Alien game, Alien: Hope for the Future. And, ironically, this unofficial fan Alien game feels way better and more faithful to the movies than the official games.
Alien: Hope for the future is an Immersive sim project with elements of survival-horror and tactics. This isn’t a commercial game, meaning that it will be distributed for free to everyone once it’s complete.
Seriously, for an indie attempt, this Alien game looks absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, Disney may shut down this project now that it got the media’s attention. On the other hand, there are rumours suggesting that Disney is about to sell FoxNext, so things may turn favourably for this indie studio.

Untitled Goose Game's honking hero will invade Resident Evil 2 in upcoming mod
Tired of bothering English villagers, the honking star of Untitled Goose Game has turned its gaze on somewhere much more exciting: Resident Evil 2's Raccoon City. Modder ZombieAli is helping with the long journey, and soon you'll be able to replace Mr. X's hulking form with our winged, feathered friend, fedora and all. "And yes, the final version will include extra HONKS," the modder said on Twitter.
The mod is a work-in-progress and ZombieAli didn't say when it will be live, but the short clip below shows you what to expect: a big, barrel-chested goose striding down corridors towards you.

Free demo released for the 3D Sonic fan game in Unity Engine, Sonic Project Hero
Hero has released a playable demo of his upcoming 3D Sonic game in Unity Engine, Sonic – Project Hero. Sonic – Project Hero aims to launch Sonic, Tails & Knuckles into, simply, a fun three dimensional adventure through various locales, to stop Dr. Eggman’s new scheme.
The game aims to introduce new and unique mechanics and mix-n’-match existing ones from the Sonic series, in order to create a fresh experience.
Do note that this demo is a prototype version of the game. As such, you should all temper your expectations. Still, the demo features all of the core gameplay elements. Therefore, it will at least give you an idea of what Hero aims to achieve.
>> Check the article for the links to the windows and Mac demos.


Official PC trailer released for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Activision has released a PC trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This trailer shows footage captured from the PC version, so we suggest watching it if you are interested in this upcoming first-person shooter.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has gone Gold + 20 Minutes of new Gameplay Footage
Electronic Arts and Respawn have announced that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has gone Gold. This means that the game is ready for its November 15th release. Moreover, new gameplay preview videos have surfaced lately and you can find below one featuring 20 minutes of new gameplay footage.

Remedy removes Control’s October 2019 Update & Photo Mode from PC due to always-online bug/issue
Remedy has just removed Control’s October 2019 update and its Photo Mode from the PC due to an issue with the Epic Games Launcher. According to the team, the latest update had an issue that forced players to be online in order to play. That was not intentional and Remedy has rolled back the PC version until it fixes it.
>> So it was not intentional, as they claim, or the backlash has been so negative that they've been forced to remove it.

Cyberpunk 2077 PGA 2019 gameplay footage leaked online [Off-Camera]
CD Projekt RED has been showing its 45-minute Cyberpunk 2077 demo at PGA2019. And it appears that a new off-camera video has hit the Internet, showing 8 minutes of gameplay footage from it. And, while a lot of gamers are interested in it, it does not really show anything mind-blowing.
>> The videos have been taken down. Still, this could prompt CDProjekt to launch the full 45-minute demo.

Final Halo: Reach PC flight will begin soon, will feature both single-player and multiplayer modes
343 Industries has announced that the final flight for the PC version of Halo: Reach will begin soon. This final flight will have the most content to date for players to enjoy. Furthermore, it will have both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Official PC system requirements for Moons of Madness + Gameplay Teaser Video
Funcom and Rock Pocket Games have revealed the official PC system requirements for Moons of Madness. In addition, the companies released a brand-new gameplay video, giving a sneak peek of what you can expect from it.

World War Z developer, Saber Interactive, acquires Bigmoon Entertainment, works on two unannounced games
Saber Interactive today announced the acquisition of Bigmoon Entertainment , a veteran video game developer based in Porto, Portugal. With 18 games completed in the last decade, the 40-person team — now called Saber Porto — will focus on two new unannounced projects for consoles and PC.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is coming to the PC in 2020, gets an official reveal trailer
Bigben has announced that Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood will be coming to the PC in 2020. Moreover, the publisher has released the game’s official reveal trailer that you can find below. From the looks of it, this trailer packs in-engine footage, though there is no gameplay footage at all.

Crusader Kings 3 has been officially announced and detailed, coming to the PC in 2020
Paradox Interactive has announced Crusader Kings 3; the newest generation of its beloved medieval role-playing grand strategy game. This new strategy game is coming to the PC in 2020, and you can find below its announcement trailer.

Here are 27 minutes of gameplay footage from Terminator: Resistance
Reef Entertainment has showcased Terminator: Resistance at EGX 2019. Thus, you can find below a video showing 27 minutes of gameplay footage from it. Do note that this video is from a stream, therefore its quality is not that great. Still, I believe that most Terminator fans will find it interesting.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York coming to Steam on December 4th
Draw Distance has announced that its narrative adventure game, Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York, will come out on Steam on December 4th. Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York will be a unique, atmospheric, single-player narrative experience, set in a rich, fully licensed, globally recognized universe of Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.

Bigben announces a new Vampire: The Masquerade game, to be released in 2021
Bigben has announced a new Vampire: The Masquerade game that will come out in 2021, called Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong. Swansong will be a narrative RPG and is being developed by the creators of The Council, Big Bad Wolf.

X4: Foundations Update 2.60 available for download, significantly improves in-game economy
EGOSOFT has released a new update for X4: Foundations. The free update 2.60 is now available and improves the in-game economy significantly.
In addition to a number of smaller fixes and improvements, the 2.60 update also optimizes navigation in the game, both for the player guidance system and for AI ships. In addition, the station overview and the station menu have been updated, and Russian voice recordings have been integrated into the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – PC vs PS4 Pro/Xbox One X early graphics video comparison
Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out on the PC in two weeks, and the first graphics video comparison between the PC and the console versions has surfaced online. This video puts the PC trailer against the Xbox One X version, in identical scenes/environments.

Rumour: WB Montreal’s Batman game may be called Batman: Arkham Legacy, may have playable bat family
Rumour alert everyone. Some new details about WB Montreal’s new Batman game may have leaked online. According to the rumour, this new Batman game will be called Batman: Arkham Legacy. Moreover, it will allow players to play as the whole bat family.

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Monday news, part two:

Dota Underlords has new alliances and heroes planned for its next big update
Valve has shared some new details about the next 'Big Update' for Dota Underlords, and they weren't kidding: this one really is big. It's introducing brand new heroes and alliances, and it apparently marks the 'beginning of the end' for the Dota Underlords beta.

For Honor's Halloween event is live, complete with rubbery monster masks
For Honor has launched its annual Halloween event, and this year it's called Fangs of the Otherworld, which gives warriors from around spacetime the chance to don the rubbery monster masks you generally find in costume stores. There are new Battle Outfits, effects, and weapons to earn by playing the new mode, called Spooky Slashers.

FIFA 20 joins Premier League's 'No Room for Racism' awareness campaign
Electronic Arts has unveiled new jerseys coming to FIFA 20 in conjunction with the Premier League's No Room for Racism campaign, an effort to bring awareness of, and help eliminate, racist abuse and other forms of discrimination in football—or, as we refer to it on our side of the water, soccer.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is out today
Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, the latest chapter in the tale of the eternal conflict between the relentless hordes of the undead and the relentlessly upbeat armies of greenery, was announced and launched, partially, in September. The idea was that after the initial rollout, new modes and features would be added over a six-week stretch leading up to the full release, which took place today.
>> Well, it launched a few days ago...

Surviving the Aftermath, the sequel to Surviving Mars, is out now
Surviving the Aftermath was announced earlier this month as the sequel to Surviving Mars, the Martian colonization sim released last year by Haemimont Games and Paradox Interactive. Very little was revealed at the time but we got a closer look at the now-underway PDXCON and discovered a few surprises, including that it doesn't take place on Mars—and that it's available today on the Epic Games Store.

Stellaris: Federations announced, expanding space diplomacy
Federations, the next DLC for Stellaris, was announced today at PDXCon, Parardox Interactive’s annual fan convention. The focus this time is on diplomacy, after previous expansions have fleshed out the military, economy, and internal politics of the sprawling space 4X.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall's first expansion resurrects the ancient Heritor in November
Paradox Interactive announced at PDXCON today that the excellent 4X strategy game Age of Wonders: Planetfall will get its first full expansion in November. Entitled Revelations, the expansion will reveal more about the history of the Planetfall universe and introduce the Heritor, descendants of the Es'Teq dynasty, who are attempting to use the ancient technology of their forebears to resurrect billions of followers and establish divine rule across the stars.

Battletech: Heavy Metal adds eight new mechs and the Black Widow next month
Harebrained Schemes' outstanding 31st century combat simulator Battletech will add some serious tonnage in November with the release of Heavy Metal, a suitably named expansion announced today at PDXCON that will drop eight new mechs onto the field of combat, along with eight new weapons systems and a new Flashpoint mini-campaign.

Hearts of Iron 4: La Resistance announced, adds spies and commandos
The next DLC for Hearts of Iron 4, La Resistance, was announced today at PDXCon, Parardox Interactive’s annual fan convention. The expansion is themed after the French resistance who continued to clandestinely resist the Nazis at home, and has a focus on espionage and asymmetrical warfare.

Prison Architect's console-exclusive DLC is coming to PC
Prison Architect's Psych Ward DLC is leaving the confines of consoles and finally coming to PC, letting wardens run their own highly questionable prison for the "criminally insane" in November.

Sunless Skies is getting an upgraded Sovereign Edition
Next year, steampunk explore-em-up Sunless Skies will be coming to consoles in an expanded edition that will also be made available on PC as a free upgrade to those who already own it. The Sovereign Edition will include more options for how to deal with a starving crew, among other changes. "As their desperation grows, you’ll be able to try and eat a variety of unwise, unpleasant or tragic things", according to narrative director Chris Gardiner. "By that point, your mascot probably looks quite tasty,” he says.

Bungie disables Destiny 2's Telesto rifle after players find exploit to instantly recharge supers
This week, Destiny 2 players discovered an exploit that allowed them to recharge their super ability within seconds without killing any enemies: all they needed was the Telesto pulse rifle and a single grenade. Bungie has responded by removing the exotic weapon from all activities, with no word on when it might return.

Planetside 3 confirmed, will be bigger than Planetside 2, Daybreak says
Early Access battle royale shooter Planetside Arena is a "stepping stone" to Planetside 3, which will be even bigger and more ambitious than Planetside 2, Daybreak Games has said.

The Sims 4 Discover University expansion is real and coming soon, leak suggests
The long-rumored university expansion for The Sims 4 appears to have been confirmed by a new leak. According to a description on the Xbox One's Microsoft Store, captured by multiple users, the Discover University expansion will allow your Sims to choose between two universities, where they can attend lectures, launch new careers, join school societies and customize their dorm room.

After seven years of development, mind-bending puzzler Manifold Garden is out now
Back in 2015, Tom Sykes tried to explain Manifold Garden (then a few years into development) as "an exploration puzzler set in a 3D world that wraps around on itself", noting that it was inspired by M. C. Escher's Relativity. In fact, Manifold Garden was originally called Relativity. Sykes concluded by noting that it "should be done sometime next year".
One year later he was writing about the "physics-defying puzzle game" again, pointing out that now it had a Steam page with a release date of 2017. That turned out to be untrue as well, and it's only now been released in 2019 (and on the Epic Store, with the Steam version to come in 2020). But it is finally real, and playable—although not in VR. Apparently they tried that during development and the results were as nauseating as you'd expect.

Diablo 4 is mentioned in a new ad for a Blizzard art book
"The Art of Diablo" is a handsome-looking hardcover coffee-table book that's due out November 3, and which—according to an advertisement for it that appears in the German magazine Game Star—contains artwork from "Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, and Diablo 4."

Borderlands 3 will kick off a free Halloween event this week
The Bloody Harvest is the first free content drop for Borderlands 3, and we caught a hint of it back at PAX in August. Now, 2K has shared more details about what to expect when the Halloween event goes live this week.

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