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Tuesday news, part two:

Hotline Miami teaser promises trailer soon (updated)
A new Twitter account referencing Hotline Miami's original protagonist popped up over the weekend, posting a single video. It's a short, slick and appropriately gory teaser of a fight frozen in time that perfectly matches the series' tone and aesthetic, even though it appears to be live action. It ends with the promise of a trailer coming soon.
Update: The Twitter account and teaser are not official. Hotline Miami developer Dennaton confirmed that no sequel was in development, unfortunately. It's still a neat teaser and the full trailer should be worth keeping an eye out for.

Be your own Bob Ross with this glorious 3D landscape painting tool
Need an escape from... everything? Yeah, me too. So I was happy to discover Flowscape on itch.io this morning (via this Reddit post). You can use it to generate a 3D landmass, then select a brush to paint trees, rocks, hills, bushes, flowers, and wildlife—even birds and insects—simply by moving your mouse across the screen. It's like being Bob Ross, only in 3D and you don't need any actual painting skills. Thank god.

Report suggests VR developers are shifting attention from HTC Vive to Oculus Rift
It's a close split, but VR developers are apparently now spending more time and energy developing projects for the Oculus Rift than they are for the HTC Vive, according to a new report. The authors says this trend represents a "shift in platform preference."
>> This comes from the fourth annual AR/VR Innovation Report.

Master Chief Collection update shows off ultrawide support and some goofy bugs
343 Industries admits its July development update for the Master Chief Collection doesn't deliver much new information. But we do get a visual on ultrawide monitor resolutions, and better yet, a silly roundup of bugs that 343 says won't make it to launch day.

Epic addresses Ooblets outrage with statement on 'misinformation and abuse'
Ooblets developers Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser announced last week that their long-awaited farm life sim Ooblets will be an Epic Games Store exclusive at launch. The message, written by Wasser, was lighthearted and unapologetic: He said that threatening to pirate games because they don't appear on a particular storefront is the epitome of "immature, toxic gamers," and that while getting mad is "cathartic," people should remember that "this is all low-stakes video game stuff we’re dealing with here" and it's "nothing to get worked up about."

Watch 14 uninterrupted minutes of Borderlands 3
Thanks to IGN, here's 14 straight minutes of the opening of Borderlands 3. Admittedly, five and a half minutes of that are Claptrap talking through the tutorial, so haters will want to skip to 5.31 to get straight to the action.

'Buddy boost' feature cut from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare almost had a feature called "buddy boost". As Prima Games explain, it would have allowed players to cooperate to reach higher ground, one player going into a squat and the other clambering over them to attain a better position.

Wasteland 3's alpha launches this month, followed by Early Access
Wasteland 3, inXile's post-apocalyptic RPG, will soon hit a big milestone. Fig backers will soon be able to duke it out in chilly Colorado for the first time through the alpha, which will be available on Steam later this month.

Stumble through the dark in free exploration game Reaching
With the exception of Dragon's Dogma and Dark Souls, games don't generally do dark well. The night sky isn't blue, Ubisoft: it's black, and you can barely see a few feet ahead, or just slightly further with the aid of a torch. Reaching, however, is a game about exploring in the dark, in the actual dark. A game about stumbling from one infrequent light source to another, and trying to memorise the geography of a cavernous ruin.

Vermintide 2: Winds of Magic gets a gory gameplay trailer
Vermintide 2's first expansion, Winds of Magic, is set to unleash the stampeding beastmen into Fatshark's first-person mix of magic and melee. It's becoming a veritable menagerie. It's due out this month, so take a look at the first gameplay trailer above.

Fortnite 10.00 update brings back the Wild West
Fortnite's pesky rifts have claimed another victim: Neo Tilted. It's reverted back to an older state, even older than Tilted Towers. Tilted Town is an old Wild West settlement with its own set of rules to keep cowboys shooting.

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vivster said:
HoloDust said:

You can kill every character in The Outer Worlds
Speaking to Polygon, Obsidian's senior designer Brian Heins confirmed that in The Outer Worlds, you'll be able to kill anyone you want. And to protect your ability to complete quests, there are back-up systems in place.

Great, Obsidian sticking to old RPG design philosophies.

I didn't have the game on my radar until I read that. But then I found out it's not open world and lost all interest again.

Back to waiting for Elex 2.

I honestly don't pay much attention to whether the game is open world or not, especially since there's only few devs that can actually make a good one - there's so many great RPGs that are not open world and Outer Worlds coming from creators of original Fallout is for me the most important thing.

The news:


GOG's new Midweek sale, Metroidvania and adventure games, offers up to 90% discounts: https://www.gog.com/promo/20190807_midweek_sale

Steam has one non-legit daily deal as well as three Midweek Madness deals:

There's a new Humble Bundle with Bohemia Interactive. Just on the first tier, $1/0.89€, you'll be able to get ARMA 2, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, Take On Helicopters and Take On Mars. This bundle will last another 13 days: https://www.humblebundle.com/games/bohemia-interactive-2019-bundle

And at Fanatical, there are three new deals.


Battlefield 4, Crackdown 3 and Lost Planet 3 artist releases new Unreal Engine 4 Ray Tracing Tech Demo
3D artist Alden Filion, who has worked in some triple-A games like Battlefield 4, Crackdown 3 and Lost Planet 3, has released a new Unreal Engine 4 ray tracing tech demo. This tech demo was created for the Nvidia DXR Spotlight contest, and it looks really cool.
UE4 Diode is basically a short third-person action/melee game that takes advantage of real-time ray tracing. Players can explore a castle, solve a simple puzzle and fight some enemies.
>> If you have an RTX card and want to give it a go, you can download this demo from here.


New and smoother flythrough video released for the Far Cry mod for Crysis, FarCry Reloaded
Last month, we informed you about a Far Cry total conversion mod for the first Crysis game. FarCry Reloaded is ambitious and aims to feature 9 levels from Far Cry into a single big level. However, the flythrough video that modder ‘roadiereloaded’ initially released was really choppy, something that frustrated a lot of our readers.
Thankfully, roadiereloaded released a brand new flythrough video from a new build of the mod that is smoother. As the modder told us, he has also added some AI driving around to “pacify the motion sick victims of the stuttering video.

You can now play the Metroid Prime games on the PC with mouse and keyboard, and better FOV
Now here is something really cool. Thanks to a custom version of the Dolphin emulator, called PrimeHack, PC gamers can play the main trilogy of Metroid Prime like never before. And by that, we mean with proper keyboard and mouse controls, as well as higher FOV values.
PrimeHack currently supports Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Similarly to the original Dolphin emulator, gamers will need an .ISO of the original GameCube versions in order to play them.
>> The PrimeHack emulator is available from here. The ISOs are on you.


Real-time strategy game, Iron Harvest, to be playable at Gamescom 2019
Deep Silver has announced that King Art’s upcoming real time strategy game, Iron Harvest, will be playable at Gamescom 2019. For the first time all players in Europe will get the chance to control their very own Diesel-Mechs and lead their troops onto the battlefield.

Anthem Cataclysm Update 1.3.0 available to download, brings numerous improvements, full patch release notes
Electronic Arts and Bioware have officially released Anthem Cataclysm via a brand new update. According to the release notes, update 1.3.0 brings new story missions and enables the Cataclysm event. Moreover, it packs numerous weapon balance tweaks, and fixes various bugs/issues.

Psyonix will remove the annoying loot boxes from Rocket League later this year
Psyonix has just announced that it will remove the loot boxes from Rocket League. According to the team, Rocket Pass Premium, DLC Cars, and Esports Shop items will continue to be offered for direct purchase alongside its new system.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Update 1.0.3 released, brings gameplay, bugs, audio and graphics fixes
Bethesda and MachineGames have released the first proper update for Wolfenstein: Youngblood. According to the release notes, this patch brings numerous gameplay, visual, audio and bug fixes. Moreover, patch 1.0.3 features major crash fixes.

Death Stranding is no longer listed as a PS4 exclusive on Sony’s official website
Over the past few months, we’ve seen numerous hints towards a PC version of Death Stranding. This new game from the mastermind behind the Metal Gear series, Hideo Kojima, was listed as a PS4 exclusive on Sony’s website. However, it appears that the game is no longer listed as one.
>> Will it launch on Steam or Epic like previous Sony exclusives?

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Part two of the news:

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! is a post-apocalyptic culinary road trip
Restaurant sim Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! is uprooting itself and leaving the regular restaurant business behind, giving players a customisable armoured food truck to drive across what remains of war-torn America. Even the post-apocalyptic dystopia of 2042 deserves good grub.

Borderlands 3's Amara is looking for a fight in a new character trailer
Amara the Siren is the latest Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter to get a character trailer, showcasing her love of brawling—a love that is tragically not shared by the people she picks fights with. She's got six mystical arms, so she's pretty intimidating. Give the trailer a watch above.

Gamescom will kick off with world premieres from more than 15 publishers
You've all had plenty of time to digest E3, so now it's almost time for Gamescom. It's only a fortnight away and, according to Geoff Keighley, who is hosting Opening Night Live, the cavalcade of announcements will start with world premieres from more than 15 publishers.

You'll soon be able to play Apex Legends solo
If you're tired of carrying anonymous, ungrateful teammates in Apex Legends (who disconnect from your squad the instant you miss a key Longbow shot, even though they didn't mark the Skullpiercer hop-up for you in the supply bin they opened before, how rude) you'll want to hop into the upcoming solos mode that Respawn will be adding to the game next Tuesday, August 13.

Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum is now live
Saviors of Uldum, the Hearthstone expansion that puts the League of Explorers band back together to battle the dastardly do-badders of Arch-Villain Rafaam's League of E.V.I.L., is now live. Players can butt-kick for goodness with the new Reborn keyword that gives downed minions a second shot at life, new Plague spells, a new quest, and—as always—some free cards.

Ooblets devs reveal threats of violence and racist abuse following Epic Store announcement
Epic Games Store exclusivity deals have typically been met with unhappiness from a vocal contingent of the gaming community, but last week's Ooblets announcement has been particularly ugly. In a new statement released today, developers Ben Wasser and Rebecca Cordingley, collectively known as indie dev Glumberland, offered a look at just how ugly it's gotten, but said that they have no regrets about opting to go with Epic.

DuckTales: Remastered is being removed from digital storefronts
Everybody was excited about DuckTales: Remastered, the 2013 update of the hit NES platformer from 1998, until it actually arrived and we all learned an important lesson about nostalgia. It wasn't bad, really, just a little too faithful to its roots—"very much a 24-year-old game," we said in our review—yet lacking the touches that would enable players to enjoy the game as it really was, like an 8-bit mode or the original soundtrack.
If you haven't tried it yet, you'll probably want to get to it very quickly, for two reasons. One, it's currently on sale on Steam for $4/£3/€3.50, which is a pretty great price. And two, at 4:59 pm PT (or thereabouts) on August 8—two days from today—it's being removed from sale.

A year after sexism report rocked Riot Games, studio says it's made 'significant strides'
After a detailed Kotaku report last year highlighted serious issues of sexism and harassment at League of Legends developer Riot Games, the studio hired a chief diversity officer, Angela Roseboro, to help it improve its workplace culture. On Tuesday Roseboro published a post on Riot's website outlining the studio's progress so far, stating that "My goal was to not only create a true 'North Star' or vision that would provide an anchor for our diversity and inclusion work, but I also wanted to have a solid foundation for a multi-year roadmap with tangible actions, accountability, and measures to monitor our progress."

Decay of Logos looks like Zelda: Breath of the Wild crossed with Dark Souls
Decay of Logos is a fantasy RPG with a strong whiff of Breath of the Wild and Dark Souls about it. More specifically, it blends the art style and exploration of the former with the exacting, slow burn combat of the latter. The Steam description proudly boasts that it has "minimal hand-holding", and most importantly, it features a "mystical elk" companion.

World of Warcraft Classic is getting one more test before launch
World of Warcraft Classic is set to fling players back in time, to when WoW was just a wee baby MMO at the start of its long journey, later this month. Before that, however, there's one last test to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Niche is a cute genetics survival game that's now free for schools
Niche is a turn-based survival strategy romp full of adorable fluffy creatures that you need to keep alive. Evoking Spore, you can create your own beasties, customising them and giving them different genetic traits to help them survive. The stuff you make in Niche, however, is all based on real genetics and evolutionary principles, giving you a wee biology lesson while you play with the critters.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare lets you equip a bloodthirsty Tamagotchi
Tamagotchis, the cute digital pets that taught kids all about the futility of life and how forming attachments only leads to tragedy, will be featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. COD's critter, however, is called a Tamagunchi, and it feeds on death. Lovely!

DayZ has been refused classification in Australia
DayZ has been refused an age rating by the notoriously strict Australian Classification Board. It's not unusual for games to not receive a rating in Australia, often leading to developers making changes to fit the draconian rules, but DayZ has been available in Australia for years. It entered Early Access in 2013 and finally launched last year.

Take a tour of a System Shock remake toilet
System Shock developer Nightdive Studios posted its August update on the remake's Kickstarter, teasing a new level, concept art and character designs. There's a lot of art to rifle through, but more importantly we get a look inside one of System Shock's futuristic lavatories. Finally!

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Thursday news:


Resident Evil 7 has sold 6.6 million copies, Devil May Cry 5 2.5 million, Resident Evil 2 Remake 4.5 million & more
Capcom has updated its “Platinum Titles” page, revealing some new sales figures about its latest titles. According to the Japanese company, Resident Evil 7 has sold 6.6 million copies to date, whereas Resident Evil 2 Remake has sold 4.5 million copies.
Devil May Cry 5, the latest game that Capcom released on current-gen platforms, has sold 2.5 million copies. This is obviously great news for DMC fans as the game was commercially successful, and we may see another part in the DMC series in the future.
Monster Hunter World is doing great as it has sold more than 13 million copies worldwide.

Steam features two new daily deals, only one legit:

At Fanatical there are two new deals:


Valve has put a stop to the Steam release date exploit (updated)
In an attempt to get a coveted spot in Steam's Popular Upcoming Releases list, some developers have allegedly gamed the system, changing the release date in the backend, even if the store page shows a different date. This way, games can appear in the list much earlier than they should, pushing other games down. Valve employees confirmed the issue in March, and it looks like the solution is now in place. Update: Valve has confirmed that it now requires developers to get in touch before any release date changes can happen on Steam. Developers can still hit the release button whenever they want once the game build has been approved by Valve, but to put a different release date on their store page they'll need to get permission first.
>> That's good, but now they should focus on the zero-day exploit that has recently been found.


bsnes SNES emulator now supports overlocking, aiming to remove all slowdowns in all SNES games
The creator of one of the best SNES emulators, bsnes, has announced the introduction of overclocking capabilities. Thanks to this new feature, PC gamers will finally be able to enjoy numerous SNES games without their annoying slowdown issues.
Going into more details, bsnes features a new way of overclocking that comes from the NES emulation scene. The SNES emulator inserts additional scanlines into the CPU thread, without running the video and audio during this time. Thanks to this method, gamers can overclock and remove the slowdown in just about any SNES game. The good news here is that this does not bring any framerate or pitch distortion. Not only that, but this method does not break compatibility in 99% of games.
Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you can also overclock the SA-1 and SuperFX chips in this way.
>> You can download this version of the emulator from github.

Here are Uncharted 3 and The Last Of Us running on the PC via the latest version of RPCS3
The team behind the best Playstation 3 emulator, RPCS3, has recently a released a new version of it. As such, you can find below Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us running on the PC via this latest build of RPCS3.

Severance: Blade of Darkness gets a 7GB AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack, improves all textures
Modders ‘MBK’ and ‘Sryml’ have released a must-have texture pack for the classic action adventure game, Severance: Blade of Darkness. This texture pack uses Topaz Gigapixel AI, and improves the quality of all of the game’s textures. According to the modders, the textures in this pack are 4 times higher, sharper and with more defined details. This pack can be used with the vanilla game, as well as with other mods. Furthermore, the pack will be included in the next versions of the “Hyperborean mod”.
Do note that the map loads will take longer than before after installing this map. In addition, at least 4GB of RAM is required, though the modders suggest using more than 6GB. As said, this HD Texture Pack is 7GB in size and comes in five parts. You can download the pack from here. Make sure to only download the parts for “MBK mmp HD 2019” and NOT for “MBK mmp 24bits HD”. (...) Last but not least, we also suggest using the Blade of Light mod for Severance: Blade of Darkness. Blade of Light is an ENBSeries mod that comes with HDR color correction, SSAO, SSIL, BLOOM, DOF, FLARES, and other custom pixel shaders.


Official gameplay overview trailer showcases Greedfall’s RPG features
Focus Home Interactive has released a brand new gameplay trailer for Greedfall, showcasing its RPG features. In this new Gameplay Overview trailer, Spiders and Focus Home Interactive give you a tour of the numerous features that mark GreedFall as a core RPG with player choice at its heart.

New screenshots and gameplay trailer released for Those Who Remain
Wired Productions and Camel 101 have unveiled a new partnership to bring the psychological horror, Those Who Remain, to the PC. In order to celebrate this announcement, the publisher has shared some new screenshots and a gameplay trailer.

New Borderlands 3 screenshots shows some of the animals players will encounter in Eden-6
Gearbox has released a new set of screenshots for Borderlands 3. These new screenshots showcase the environments and some of the animals that players will encounter in Elden-6. They will also give you an idea of the graphics you can expect from this new Borderlands game.

DiRT Rally 2.0 VR Update is now available and is exclusive on the PC
Codemasters has confirmed that the long-awaited DiRT Rally 2.0 VR upgrade is out now on PC. DiRT Rally 2.0, complete with VR, is available on the Oculus Store and via Steam as a free update. Codemasters has also released a gameplay trailer to coincide with the announcement that you can find below.

New details for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the upcoming first-person shooter by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. This is a soft reboot of the original game back in 2007. It will take place in a realistic and modern setting and for the first time in the series, the game will support cross-platform multiplayer. There will be no season pass and all post-launch content will be free for all players.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince releases on October 8th, gets a brand new gameplay trailer
Modus Games announced today a release date of October 8th for its highly anticipated Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince. To mark the announcement, the publisher has also released a gorgeous new gameplay trailer for Trine 4.

Gamedec is a brand new story-driven, cyberpunk-themed, adaptive RPG, coming to PC in 2020
Anshar Studios has announced a new new story-driven, cyberpunk-themed, adaptive RPG, called Gamedec. According to the press release, Gamedec is based around a private detective who solves crimes committed in virtual game worlds.

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Thursday news, part two:

A GTA Online casino glitch lets players win chips fast on the horse races
Though it sounds as if it may have already been patched out on console, there's currently a glitch in GTA Online on PC that will let you fill your pockets with casino chips quickly and easily. The glitch allows players to win the maximum payout on an Inside Track race while only risking a couple of hundred chips.

Roguelike RPG Children of Morta is launching next month
After being delayed for a year, roguelike RPG Children of Morta will appear on PC in September. I've slept on this family-based monster-slaying romp when I absolutely should have been paying attention—it's stylish as heck. Do your eyes a favour and check out the release date trailer.

Your friend might get you killed in Man of Medan's co-op mode
Man of Medan, the first in Supermassive Games' upcoming horror anthology The Dark Pictures, is due out at the end of this month. We already know that this boat of five young people is charting a course for disaster, as is required of any horror vacation. But things can get even better, or worse, when you play with a friend.

Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and others agree to start sharing loot box odds
Loot box odds disclosure may soon become standard behavior for the videogame industry: The Entertainment Software Association announced today that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will lay out new policies requiring that all games with paid loot boxes on their platforms disclose the odds of items dropping from them.
Numerous other game publishers have also agreed to implement full disclosure of drop rates in their games, including Activision Blizzard, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Bethesda, Bungie, Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and Wizards of the Coast.

My Time At Portia celebrates Chinese Valentine's Day with romance update
My Time At Portia, the colorful crafting adventure game, has released what it calls the Romance Update in celebration of China's Qixi Festival. For what the developers call "Valentine's day in China," the game is getting additional side missions for a few different characters.

Some Rocket League players are furious about the upcoming loot box removal
As more proof that there's absolutely nothing we can all agree on, the news that Psyonix will be removing paid loot boxes from Rocket League has had a mixed response. There's a lot of support for the decision in the replies to the announcement tweet, but also cries that Epic, which recently purchased Psyonix, is "ruining" the game.
>> More proof that some people are plain stupid.

The 'Big Bad Update' for Hades adds a new biome and new story events
Supergiant Games' hack-n-slash roguelike Hades just got a new "Big Bad" update. The game is still in early access, a first for Supergiant, but as we noted when it first released, the quality we know and expect from the developers of Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre is already present.

2K confirms sending private investigators to Borderlands streamer's house
Yesterday, popular Borderlands 3 YouTuber SupMatto posted a video in which he claimed that two private investigators showed up at his home and questioned him on behalf of Take-Two Interactive about leaked Borderlands 3 content on his channel. In the video, SupMatto acknowledged sharing information that hadn't been officially revealed, but said that he came by it honestly, and that it was also available elsewhere.
Based on that, it sounds like a fairly straightforward case of someone finding a loose thread and pulling, which is the sort of thing Gearbox tends to encourage. But 2K Games told IGN that it believes SupMatto and his followers did not simply stumble upon the information, but took advantage of a Twitch security exploit to capture screens of channel preview thumbnail that had been set to private in order to access it. 2K also revealed that it's actually been investigating him for almost a year.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is getting condensed
Square Enix recently hosted another Final Fantasy 14 Letter from the Producer livestream, with the developers fielding extremely granular questions from players. The Japanese stream has been translated on the forums and is full of wee titbits, but the most interesting of the bunch is the promise of a more compact A Realm Reborn storyline.

Wargaming is bringing its new team-based shooter to Gamescom
Caliber, Wargaming and 1C's team-based military shooter, will be shown off at Gamescom now that it's been put through its paces by testers in the CIS. Instead of tanks, you'll play boring old fleshy humans in AI battles or in 4v4 PvP fights, with each player taking on a specific role.

Blizzard is helping people find old World of Warcraft friends
With World of Warcraft Classic just around the corner—the final test is today—you might be wondering what happened to your first guildies, or where that orc who taught you the PvP ropes ended up. After nearly 15 years, there are probably a few pals you've lost touch with, and what better a time to reconnect than with the relaunch of vanilla WoW?

No Man's Sky Beyond will let you ride giant crabs
No Man's Sky Beyond's launch trailer gives us our first look at the space sim's overhauled online universe, and it is extremely weird to see the normally quiet sandbox filled with players. It's so busy! Comparatively, at least. At the moment, you can only group up with three other players, but in Beyond it looks like we'll see people just wandering around, getting on with their business. And also riding crabs.

Borderlands 3's final character trailer introduces FL4K and his pets
Gearbox has saved Borderlands 3's robo-beastmaster FL4K for its fourth and final character trailer, which you can check out above. Even if you're playing alone, you'll still have some pals thanks to FL4K's loyal pets, each connected to one of his skill trees.

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Here's you cnahce to win a 2 x 8GB, 3,200MHz, C16 RAM kit from Corsair

Competition: Win 16GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 memory!

The competition is GLOBAL and open to anybody above 16.

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Currently gaming on a PC with an i5-4670k@stock (for now), 16Gb RAM 1600 MHz and a GTX 1070

Steam / Live / NNID : jonxiquet    Add me if you want, but I'm a single player gamer.

Let's go with the last rounds of news of the week:


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has sold 3.8 million copies on all platforms
Kadokawa Corporation, the parent company of FromSoftware, has announced that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has sold 3.8 million copies. This figure includes all copies, both physical and digital, and refers to all platforms.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden & Hyper Light Drifter available for free next week on Epic Games Store
Epic Games has announced that Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden and Hyper Light Drifter will be available for free next week on the Epic Games Store. This week, the team is offering the 3D puzzle game GNOG to everyone.
>> That means that I'll get at least one new game on my backlog (need to learn what this Hyper Light Drifter game is about).

On the Humble Store there are two new sales:

At Fanatical there are 4 new deals:




Far Cry gets a 5GB AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack, available for download, comparison screenshots
Now here is something that passed under our radar. A while back, modder ‘Zeneric’ released an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for the first Far Cry game. Zeneric used Topaz’s A.I. Gigapixel and ESRGAN in order to improve the quality of textures by four times.
This pack is 5GB in size and enhances almost every texture. The pack also comes with upscaled bump, displacement, and normal maps.
To run this HD Texture Pack, players will need the unofficial FarCry patch 1.505. The modder also suggests using SilentPatch FarCry. These patches fix bugs (such as missing water reflection), and enhance graphics (such as textures looking better).
>> Here's the link to the mod, but the article doesn't provide the links to the unofficial 1.505 patch nor the SilentPatch.


XIII Remake delayed, to be released in 2020
Microids has announced a new release window for the official remake of XIII. The remake of the world-famous cel-shading FPS, which became a cult classic after its original release in 2003, will now release in 2020.

Hand-drawn animated action RPG platformer, Indivisible, releases on October 8th
505 Games and Lab Zero Games have announced the release date for their highly anticipated hand-drawn and animated action-RPG platformer, Indivisible. In order to celebrate this announcement, the publisher released a brand new gameplay trailer for it.

Gears 5’s Escape, three-player co-op mode, detailed in a new gameplay trailer
Microsoft has released a new gameplay trailer for Gears 5, showcasing its brand new Escape mode. Escape is a brand new three player co-op mode in Gears 5, featuring the “one and only” Victor Hoffman.

Third-person RPG Digimon game with turn-based battles coming to the PC on October 18th
Bandai Namco has announced that the Complete Edition of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth will be officially coming to the PC on October 18th. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition is a third-person RPG Digimon game, featuring turn-based battles.

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Friday news part two and last:

Ark's next expansion, Genesis, brings giant sea turtle forts and a voiced AI companion
"This is not Ark 2."
That secret message, decoded by some clever fans, was embedded in an Ark: Survival Evolved teaser page, and it's now been confirmed. There's no Ark: Survival Evolved sequel coming (yet, anyway), but Studio Wildcard has announced two new expansion packs collectively called Ark: Genesis. The first Genesis pack will arrive this December, and the other is planned for the second half of next year. You can watch the announcement trailer further down the page.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection testing will resume 'when it's ready'
A public test for Halo: The Master Chief Collection's Firefight horde mode was supposed to come to PC in July, but it ultimately failed to materialize. The short explanation for the delay was "bugs"; the long version is also "bugs," but with an in-depth explanation of the Halo testing hierarchy, the current status of the Firefight mode on PC, and why it all seems so complicated.

Bungie reveals Destiny 2 Steam date and cross save details
Back in June, Bungie announced that Destiny 2 would be going free to play, getting cross save, and maybe biggest of all, moving from Battle.net to Steam. Today it detailed when that will happen, and what you'll need to do to get ready for it.

Infinity Ward says Modern Warfare isn't political
Developers have insisted over the years that their games aren't political, despite them obviously being political in most cases. But Infinity Ward's Jacob Minkoff and Taylor Kurosaki, respectively the campaign gameplay director and studio narrative director on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, took the art of dubious insistence on apolitical narratives to new heights in a recent interview with Game Informer.

The Rock, Becky Lynch, Xavier Woods, and John Cena join Brawlhalla
Not content with adding Finn and Jake from Adventure Time to the roster, smashy platform-brawler Brawlhalla has turned to the WWE for its next set of playable characters. The Rock, Becky Lynch, Xavier Woods, and John Cena have all been added as part of patch 3.47.

More rejected Borderlands 3 cover art
We already showed you some of the Borderlands 3 cover art that didn't make the cut, including the memorable image with the foot and that real strange breastfeeding one, but thanks to ResetEra poster SomaXD we've seen even more.

Trade your life for sweet upgrades in free shmup Guardian Sphere
Shmups, especially vertically scrolling ones, tend to be extremely difficult, peppering the screen with elaborate waves of bullets, and asking the player to weave between them like a robber entering a laser-strewn bank vault. Guardian Sphere is a little easier, a little less bullet hell, and a perfect way to become acquainted with a slightly daunting genre.

Confront the past in beautiful free adventure game An Eternity, Reflecting
In An Eternity, Reflecting, an entry to the reliably excellent Adventure Game Jam, you return home, to your parents' house, to confront the father who has neglected you all your life. As that father doesn't appear to be around, however, you're free to investigate the past in the traditional adventure game style: meaning rooting through his possessions, combining and using them to solve a few basic puzzles.

Just Cause 4: Danger Rising gives Rico a hoverboard
It turns out there are still some things Just Cause 4's Rico Rodriguez hasn't blown up, so he's returning for one more pyrotechnic display in Danger Rising, the third and final expansion. Watch the trailer above.

No Man's Sky Beyond will add 32 player support, powered bases, cooking, and alien milking
No Man's Sky Beyond will arrive in just a few days, on August 14. We've known for a while now that VR is being added, and yesterday's trailer teased us with a few treats like like The Nexus, a massive new social hub for the more expansive multiplayer features of No Man's Sky. Say goodbye to the days of four-player co-op: Beyond will support up to 32 players in a session.

Total War Saga is heading to Troy, according to a trademark application
Creative Assembly is gearing up for another Total War Saga, by the looks of things, and this time we'll be joining the Greeks and Trojans as they beat each other up over Helen. Total War's heading to Troy.

Watch Hitman 2's homing briefcase chase someone for 2 minutes
IO Interactive recently brought back Hitman 2's briefcase bug, which turned briefcases into gently spinning homing missiles, as an unlockable weapon. It is simultaneously crap and brilliant, always finding its target... eventually. Now that it's in the game, you can take it for a spin yourself, but first a video demonstration!

Final Fantasy 14 is free for 6 days for returning players
If it's been a while since you last checked up on Final Fantasy 14 but have been craving a return to Eorzea, good news! From today, lapsed players who have been away for more than 30 days can return for free, but only for six days. That's not a lot of time for a huge MMO, but it should be enough for you to decide if you want to stick around.

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Please excuse my bad English.

Currently gaming on a PC with an i5-4670k@stock (for now), 16Gb RAM 1600 MHz and a GTX 1070

Steam / Live / NNID : jonxiquet    Add me if you want, but I'm a single player gamer.

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Please excuse my bad English.

Currently gaming on a PC with an i5-4670k@stock (for now), 16Gb RAM 1600 MHz and a GTX 1070

Steam / Live / NNID : jonxiquet    Add me if you want, but I'm a single player gamer.