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Let's go with the final news of the week:


On the Humble Store there are three new sales:

At Fanatical, there are two new sales:




Alpha version released for The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall port in Unity Engine
A team of modders have ported The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall in Unity Engine, and have released its alpha version. PC gamers can go ahead, download this project, and enjoy this classic TES game in a new engine.
According to the team, Daggerfall Unity Alpha is at broad feature parity with classic Daggerfall. This basically means that you can play the game from start to finish. Moreover, Daggerfall Unity features all the core gameplay systems from the classic version.
>> You can download it from here.


Street Fighter 5 will be free to play on the PC this weekend
Capcom has announced that Street Fighter 5 will be free to play this weekend on the PC. Not only that, but players will be able to also play with all the characters from Season 3, something that will give you an idea of how these new characters play like.
>> And it's also 60% off.

Sumo Digital’s 2D Beat ’em up, Pass The Punch, is coming to the PC in late 2019
Sumo Digital announced today that Pass The Punch, its own-IP 2D beat ‘em up, is coming to the PC in late 2019. Pass the Punch is set in a world influenced by 80s and 90s Saturday morning cartoons, and below you can find its first screenshots.

Third-person action title, Devil’s Hunt, releases on the PC on September 17th
1C Entertainment has announced the release date for its third-person action game, Devil’s Hunt. According to the publisher, the game will release on the PC on September 17th via Steam and below you can find a brand new trailer for it.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered releases on October 4th
Saber Interactive has announced the release date for Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered. According to the team, this remastered version of the PS3/X360-era Ghostbusters game will come out on October 4th.

Official WRC 8 PC Requirements Revealed
Bigben and Kylotonn Games have announced the official PC requirements for WRC 8. According to the specs, PC gamers will at least need an Intel Core i3-540 or an AMD Phenom II X4 940 with 4GB of RAM. Moreover, the game will only support DX11 and will require an Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 or an AMD Radeon HD 6870.

First in-game trailer released for NBA 2K20
2K Games has released the first in-game trailer for NBA 2K20. The publisher has marked this as gameplay trailer, however, it does not contain any actual gameplay footage. Since it features only replays, a more suitable description is the one we used (in-game trailer).

Dinosaur survival MMO, Path of Titans, to be released in February 2020, early access this December
Alderon Games has issued a press release for its upcoming dinosaur survival MMO game, Path of Titans, revealing its release date. In Path of Titans, players will be able to play as a dinosaur in a rich ecosystem. The game promises to feature complex AI creatures and up to 200 other players per server. Dinosaur enthusiasts will also be able to explore an environment filled with activities and natural events. Moreover, players will be able to customize their dinosaur to suit their play style.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep & Destiny 2 New Light delayed until October 1st
Bungie has just announced that both Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and Destiny 2 New Light will be delayed. Both Shadowkeep and New Light were originally planned to come out on September 17th. However, Bungie has delayed both of them until October 1st.

Black Mesa Xen/Gonarch public beta available now for download
Crowbar Collective has finally released the public beta build for Black Mesa Xen/Gonarch. PC gamers can go ahead and download it via the public beta branch right now, and get a taste of the new Xen environments.

Capcom may be looking for game testers for a new Resident Evil game
Capcom Division 1, the team behind the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry series, has sent out a recruitment email to Resident Evil Ambassadors. According to the email, the company is looking for game testers for a brand new game.

Official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Trailer
Activision has just released the official multiplayer reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. As its description reads, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare aims to deliver the most revolutionary Multiplayer of the series yet.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC Beta begins on September 19th, Ground War mode will support 100 players
Activision has announced that Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s PC Beta phase will begin on September 19th. This beta phase will last until September 23rd and will be open, meaning that everyone will be able to download and play it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will have a Realism Mode that sounds pretty amazing
Activision revealed yesterday that Call of Duty Modern Warfare will get a mutiplayer Realism Mode. This Realism Mode will target all fans of GRAW or other realistic shooters, and from the looks of it, it will be one of the best game modes.

Ooblets is the next Epic Games Store exclusive, “Epic offered us a minimum guarantee on sales”
Glumberland has announced that it has signed an exclusivity deal with Epic Games for its upcoming title, Ooblets. According to the developers, Epic offered them a minimum guarantee on sales that would match what they’d be wanting to earn if they were just selling Ooblets across all the stores.

Elden Ring to be shown for the first time behind closed doors at Gamescom 2019
Bandai Namco has revealed that it will present a demo for Elden Ring, for the first time ever, behind closed doors at Gamescom 2019. The game will be shown to the press, so there is a chance we might get some new screenshots from it during that event.

No Man’s Sky BEYOND is coming to the PC on August 14th
Hello Games has just announced the release date for its release the seventh free update for No Man’s Sky, BEYOND. This free expansion will release on August 14th and 505 Games has released a new trailer for it that you can find below.

Ubisoft showcases the PC features of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Ubisoft has detailed the PC features of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. According to the team, the PC version will feature Ultra settings (that will be obviously better than those in the console versions) and native support for 4K resolutions.

Brand new in-game Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot released
CD Projekt RED has released a brand new in-game screenshot for Cyberpunk 2077. This screenshot showcases a black guy with a gun, and we can appreciate the game’s visuals. There is also a cool depth of field/bokeh effect, though this is more likely for cinematic purposes.

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Friday news, part two:

Hitman 2's incredible homing briefcase is coming back
Hitman 2's homing briefcase was the greatest weapon in Agent 47's arsenal, able to find its victims even when they were hiding around a corner. It wasn't the only item that developed miraculous homing properties thanks to a bug, but it was the one that captured our hearts. And now it's returning as a gadget in the Best Case Scenario challenge pack.

Cyberpunk 2077—Afterlife: The Card Game will make you a Night City Fixer
Just like The Witcher got Gwent, Cyberpunk 2077 is getting its own card game spin-off, though this time it's a physical one. Afterlife will promote players to Fixers, the people doling out the missions to gutsy cyberpunks. You can send someone else to get their hands dirty.

A new Borderlands 3 trailer introduces Moze and her best friend Iron Bear
Earlier this week, Gearbox introduced us to the character Zane, a semi-retired corporate hitman turned vault hunter in Borderlands 3 who relies on guile, technology, precision applications of violence, and boozy Irish charm to get the job done. Today it's time to meet Moze, a former soldier who decided to try more solo-focused pursuits after the rest of her squad ran into a spot of trouble on what was supposed to be her final mission.

Use a Ouija board to talk to a genuine dead person in The Black Widow
While not nearly as deep or engaging as Her Story, if you like listening to someone speak and then using keywords from what they've said to unlock more of the story, The Black Widow could be one for you to try. In the game from developer Flux, released on Steam today, you use a Ouija Board to communicate with a woman who was accused, tried, convicted, and executed for murder.

Church in the Darkness writers include Chris Avellone, Brenda Romero, and Marc Laidlaw
The cult investigation game The Church in the Darkness gained early attention for the presence of voice actors Ellen McClain and John Patrick Lowrie, well-known to gamers as the voices of GlaDOS and TF2's Sniper, among others. But with the game set to come out tomorrow, director Richard Rouse III revealed an even more impressive lineup of guest writers who help "flesh out the world."

Here's all of new Overwatch hero Sigma's skins
Sigma, Overwatch's newest hero, is a tank with a projected barrier and some surprisingly powerful offensive capabilities. He's also currently available for playtesting on the Overwatch PTR.

Watch 20 minutes of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord beta footage
It's starting to seem like Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord might actually launch one of these days, what with some lucky players getting to test the skirmish mode in beta and the game's impending appearance at Gamescom later this month. If you didn't get into the beta and need a fix, you can watch some raw footage above.

Here's an hour of side-quests from The Outer Worlds—including a murder investigation
Phil and I recently got to spend some time playing The Outer Worlds, Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming FPS RPG. It was a long, healthy session of the unfinished game, where we were each given time to explore the planet of Monarch in pretty much any manner we wanted.

GTA Online's casino update brought in the most players since launch
GTA Online's Diamond Casino has proved to be a popular destination. The once disused building opened its doors last week, beckoning players in with the promise of riches and lots of things to spend those riches on, including some new luxury apartments. According to Rockstar, GTA Online's citizens are wild for gambling, resulting in the game's busiest single day and week since launch, six years ago.

Let's check the weekend deals at GOG and Steam:



And that's the end of news for the week. Have a happy and gaming weekend.

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Killy_Vorkosigan said:
Hi guys ! I'm looking to get a new desktop, and this forum users' advice have always been invaluable, and my starting point in my search
My whole computer is 5 yo and I'd like to change. Also I'm moving onto a new life, a new job, so new computer !
- I'd like to jump to 4K gaming. I'm not into video editing, just want to play game with all bells and whistles.
- I want a dual 4K output (projector + monitor), those last I've already material solutions.
- Future proofing and reliability have always been my concerns.
- The architecure I've always had now is 1x SSD for windows, 1x SSD for internet datas, and 1x SSD for Steam. (NVMe)
- My budget is in the 2/2.5k€ range (screen excluded)
- I'm looking for advice for PSU/RAM/MOBO/CPU/GPU/Case

Thanks in advance !!!!

- CPU: I would go with an AMD Ryzen. Since you just want to play at 4K, an Ryzen 5 3600 would actually suffice, though I highly suggest a 3700X or 3800X to make sure that stays true in the future. A 3900X seems overblown for your needs, but considering your budget, it wouldn't be a problem.

- CPU Cooler: I would suggest the be Quiet! Dark Rock 4 for you, plenty of cooling headroom and very quiet.

- Mainboard: Since you want to 3 SSD, I think an X570 would be in order. Just make sure that you buy not the cheapest one, as the risk of the fan failing is much higher on those than the high-end models.

- GPU: Well, NVidia 2080Ti is pretty much the only choice in that category for your needs right now, so you'll just have to find the right model for you. Depending on whem you want to build this new computer, a little wait might be in order, as AMD said during their quarterly report that the big high-end Navi will be announced sometime in the near future.. While you might not be interested into buying this one, it might still bring the price of the 2080Ti down.

- RAM: 16GB DDR4-3200 should be the minimum, better 32GB DDR4-3600.

- SSD: This one's a bit tricky, since you want 3 different ones and I don't know the sizes of your internet data and what you want for Steam. But my suggestions would be 256GB for Windows, same amount or 512GB for the internet data depending on your needs and an 1TB for Steam. Also keep in mind that most Motherboards don't have 3 NVMe connectors, so you'll have to choose which one you want to connect on SATA, or buy an card for PCI-E like this one, since their prices went down pretty well now, too.

- PSU: I suggest an be Quiet! Pure Power 11 with 700W. Very silent and gives you enough headroom if you want to overclock.

Case, etc... these are more on personal taste, you're on your own here.

Ugh, Monday! Let's see if the news can make it a bit more bearable (at least for you, that don't have to make them :P)


Steam's Top 10

  1. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. Valve Index VR Kit
  4. Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath
  5. Oxygen Not Included
  6. NieR:Automata
  7. Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition
  8. Valve Index Headset + Controllers
  9. Total War: THREE KINGDOMS
  10. The Elder Scrolls Online - Crown Packs

100 million people are playing Roblox every month
Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game and also a set of tools for making and sharing simple games, and within its demographic of young children it's more popular than pretty much anything else—maybe even Minecraft. According to the latest Roblox blog, it has 100 million active users every month. For comparison's sake, when Minecraft figures were last made public in March it had 91 million users (thanks for pointing that out, PCGamesN).

Alan Wake and For Honor are now available for free on Epic Games Store
Epic Games is offering today two triple-A games for free. From now and until August 9th, PC gamers can download for free (and own them forever) both Alan Wake and For Honor. This is a pretty great deal so we strongly suggest getting them (obviously in case you don’t own them yet).
>> This week, the free game will be one, GNOG.

Grab Slay the Spire and FPS Squad for $12 in latest Humble Monthly Bundle
Rogue-like deck builder Slay the Spire, one of the best games of the year so far, and Early Access multiplayer shooter Squad are the two early unlocks for the latest Humble Monthly Bundle, and you can grab them both right now for $12. Considering Slay the Spire's lowest-ever price is around $10 and Squad's is around $18, you're saving a pretty penny, here.
>> Here's the link to the Humble Monthly.

GOG's weekly sale brings up to 85% discounts on several games, including titles like Frostpunk or Everspace: https://www.gog.com/promo/20190805_weekly_sale

Steam has two daily deals, but only one is a legit deal:

And at Fanatical, there's a whole lot new deals:


Tim Sweeney: Cloud saves are coming to more games next week, comments on forums & wishlists
Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, has shared on Twitter some new details about the Epic Games Store. According to Sweeney, the team will expand support for Cloud Saves soon, and will be making improvements to reduce duplicate account creation.

Automachef and Wonder Boy among four free games for Twitch Prime subscribers
Alongside some Madden NFL 20 goodies, Twitch Prime members are getting four games as part of their subscription this month, including recently-released automated cooking puzzler Automachef and shapeshifting Metroidvania Mable and the Wood.
Twitch Prime membership is automatically bundled with Amazon Prime, and if you've signed up you can grab the games here—scroll down to the bottom of that page. You can claim four in total, and the other two are platformer Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, which is a remake of a 1989 Sega Master System game, and biking game Pumped BMX Pro.
>> The NFL thing is a free player for your team.


Modders are working on high-polygon items/objects for Quake 2 RTX
Team Blur Games has released some high-polygon items and objects that can be used in most Quake 2 source ports, including Quake 2 RTX. These new 3D models aim to further improve the visuals of Quake 2, and they are a must-have for everyone.
As of right now, Team Blur Games has updated the 3D models for Armor Shard and StimPack. There are also some WIP models for Barrels and Key Pass.
>> If you're interested, head over here to get them.

Someone is working on a Jurassic Park VR Project that has a lot of potential
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; we need more Jurassic Park games. And while we won’t be receiving any official game based on that franchise any time soon, there is a really promising fan VR project under development.
Polycount’s samroe3d is currently working on a Jurassic Park VR project that aims to recreate the iconic T-Rex encounter. The creator’s ultimate goal is to match the timings of events as closely as he can so that it can provide an authentic experience. Moreover, samroe3d plans to animate the T-Rex and make it so you can switch between perspectives of the main characters.

New video showcases the latest build of Digimon World Remake in Unreal Engine 4 [Fan Project]
Back in 2018, we informed you about a Digimon World remake in Unreal Engine 4. Since then, Digicore has been working on this project, and has recently released a video showcasing its latest build.
Now the good news here is that Digicore has not received any C&D letter. As such, we can assume that this Digimon fan game is safe (at least for now). The bad news is that this project is far from being finished.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Marvel Thanos Endgame mod is now available for download to everyone
Talented modder “JulioNIB” has released a brand new mod for Grand Theft Auto 5. This mod brings Marvel’s Thanos from Endgame to Rockstar’s open-world title. Also, and contrary some other mods from JulioNIB, this one is not behind a patreon wall, meaning that everyone can download it.
Similarly to his Iron Man and Hulk mods, this Thanos mod features a lot of unique controls and combat mechanics. For example, Thanos can power shoot, power wave, ground power wave and ground smassh with the Power stone. Thanos can also create a Portal with the Space stone, and throw meteors by combining the Space and Power stones.
Moreover, he can control mind and turn a victim into a bodyguard, slow down time, steal people souls, resurrect dead pedestrians use a telekinesis attack.
>> Is there anything he can't do? Find out downloading this mod from his Patreon page.

This mod for The Witcher 3 allows you to cast meteors, tornadoes, summon golems & more
Modder ‘menschfeind13’ released a pretty cool mod for The Witcher 3. The “Magic Spells for Signs” mod brings new magic abilities to The Witcher 3, allowing players to cast meteors and tornadoes, summon golems and more.
Going into more details, this mod brings new magic items that modify/replace signs abilities when equipped in quick and/or trophy slots. You can buy these items from ofieri and novigradian merchants. Not only that, but each of the items has unique descriptions to connect them with the game lore.
Some items are trophies and other are quickslot items. What this means is that you can combine them in order to have different effects to signs.
>> Get this mod from Nexus Mods.

First Dragon Ball Z mod released for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, allows you to play as Krillin
Now here is a really cool mod for all Sekiro and DBZ fans out there. Modder ‘huckleberrypie’ has released the first Dragon Ball Z mod for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, allowing players to play as Krillin. As with most player/character mods, though, this is a simply 3D model swapper and nothing more.
>> Early Yamcha could have been a better fit as he carried a sword. In any case, Nexus Mods is your place for this mod and the https://www.nexusmods.com/sekiro/mods/6" target="_blank">Sekiro Mod Engine required to run it.

Serious Duke 3D, Duke Nukem 3D remake in Serious Sam 3, is complete and available for download
Duke Nukem 3D fans, here is something special for you today. Back in May, we informed you about a Duke Nukem 3D remake in the Serious Sam 3 Engine. Titled Serious Duke 3D, this fan project aimed to remake the first five levels from Duke Nukem 3D’s first episode. And we are happy to report today that this project is now complete and available for download.
The modder has also added some modern elements to the mix, such as redesigned and expanded level areas, occasional enemy waves/arena fights and new weapons.
Serious Duke 3D also features redesigned enemy and weapon models from DNF with custom animations, as well as a selection of sounds and voice taken from several official Duke games.
>> Get this mod from Steam.

This Skyrim mimic mod has completely ruined chests
Mimics are the worst, tricking oblivious adventurers into becoming a snack. This Skyrim mod appears to be based on the most grotesque of the lot of them: Dark Souls' mimics. There's not one part of them that isn't incredibly unsettling, but it's that horrible, diseased tongue that turns my stomach.
Skyrim modder Mihail created them for the original version of Skyrim, but they've recently been added to Skyrim Special Edition, letting you ruin your dungeon dives once again. You can download it here.
Other creatures from Mihail's menagerie include some lovely flying stingrays and this intimidating robot. It's big, it's angry, it breaths fire, and it's not half as scary as a mimic.


Remedy lowers the PC requirements for Control
Remedy has just released the revised/final PC requirements for Control. What’s really interesting here is that the team has lowered both the recommended and the RTX requirements. Whether this is due to a better optimization (or just so that the game has lower PC specs) remains to be seen.

Official FIFA 20 PC Requirements Revealed
EA Sports has revealed the official PC requirements for FIFA 20. According to the specs, gamers will need an i3-2100 or a Phenom II X4 965 CPU with 8GB of RAM. Furthermore, EA Sports has listed NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 and the AMD Radeon HD 7850 graphics cards for the game’s minimum GPU requirements.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC will have uncapped framerates, FOV slider, advanced mouse settings & more
Beenox, the team that will be behind the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, has revealed some new details about it. According to the team, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC will have uncapped framerates, as well as a FOV slider.

New Cyberpunk 2077 details: New Game +, ending decisions, skills, relationships, loot & more
Polish Magazine PSX EXTREME has revealed some new interesting details about Cyberpunk 2077. According to the magazine, CD Projekt RED will include a “New Game +”. The Witcher 3 did not launch with this mode so it will be interesting to see whether Cyberpunk 2077 will support it from the get-go.

Zachtronics’ upcoming game is called Eliza
Eliza is a visual novel about an AI counseling program, the people who develop it, and the people who use it. Zachtronics are the developers of Infinifactory, Opus Magnum, Exapunks and more.

Epic’s Tim Sweeney on Unreal Tournament: “we don’t know how to “finish” UT, it hadn’t found its essence”
As we all know, Epic Games was working on an experimental version of Unreal Tournament for the PC. That experiment involved the entire UT community as the game was developed with their feedback. However, and in order to develop Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games decided to “borrow” the core team of UT. As such, its development was ceased and Tim Sweeney has finally commented on whether we’ll ever see a finished version of it.

New Guilty Gear and The King of Fighters XV have been officially announced
SNK and Arc System Works have officially announced The King of Fighters XV and the next part in the Guilty Gear series. In order to celebrate these announcements, the teams have released two teaser trailers that you can find below.

Stay in the Light patch 1.2 improves ray tracing and AI, adds new & refined environments
While it’s not a triple-A games, Stay in the Light is the first game that requires a Ray Tracing graphics card. Sunside Games, developers of this game, has recently released a new patch for it that – among other things – improves its Ray Tracing effects.

Here are 20 minutes of gameplay footage from Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord
Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord has been in development for ages now. To be honest I was never interested in this game since I found the first one mediocre at best. Bannerload looks better, that’s for sure, but still far from something interesting, at least for me.

Last edited by JEMC - on 05 August 2019

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Monday news, part two:

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint trailer shows off its PC features
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Ubisoft's survival-focused sequel to Wildlands, has got a few PC-specific features it wants to tout. Ubisoft's PC ports typically come with lots of settings to tweak, but you can see the highlights in the trailer above.

You can kill every character in The Outer Worlds
Speaking to Polygon, Obsidian's senior designer Brian Heins confirmed that in The Outer Worlds, you'll be able to kill anyone you want. And to protect your ability to complete quests, there are back-up systems in place.

Open your Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum packs now by setting up a Fireside Gathering
The new Hearthstone set Saviors of Uldum launches next week on August 6, but you can open your new SoU card packs right now by setting up a private Fireside Gathering. The process is pretty simple, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Riot Games confirms it's working on a fighting game
Riot Games is a very big game studio, especially considering that it only makes one game—League of Legends. In 2016 it acquired Radiant Entertainment, the developer of the canceled fighting game Rising Thunder, which naturally led to speculation that Riot had designs on making a move into the fighting game scene. Today at the annual Evolution Championship Series tournament—better known as Evo—Radiant co-founder Tom Cannon finally confirmed that, yes, it is happening.

Teamfight Tactics adds three more 'Little Legends' to the PBE
Little Legends are the cute little characters who represent the player in Teamfight Tactics. There are currently six of them—Furyhorn, Hauntling, Silverwing, Featherknight, Runespirit, and Molediver—plus River Sprite, who represents players who don't have a Little Legends skin equipped. Soon that number will grow by three, as Hushtail, Paddlemar, and Protector are set to join the fight with the launch of the 9.16 patch.

Valve apologizes for leaking Street Fighter 5 DLC characters, including E. Honda
When E. Honda, Lucia and Poison were prematurely revealed as the next Street Fighter 5 DLC characters this week, it appeared someone at Capcom had got a bit over-excited and posted the trailer on Steam early. The sumo wrestler was out of the bag, and Capcom confirmed the news. But the error was actually Valve's, and the company has apologized for the mix-up in a Steam post.

Valve updates Team Fortress 2 trading rules following hat market crash
Team Fortress 2's in-game economy went haywire last week when a bug showered players with rare, Unusual quality hats. Valve fixed the bug the following day and trade-locked the affected hats, stopping anyone profiting from the glitch—but it's now relented, and says players can trade one of the hats they obtained via the bug.

Fortnite players fume over Season 10's overpowered mechs
Fortnite's Season 10 added, among other things, a two-person mech called a B.R.U.T.E., and it's tearing players to shreds. Some players want it nerfed, some want it removed entirely, and others want it moved to its own limited time mode.

Rumor: Rainbow Six Siege's Season 3 operators revealed in leak
We know that Rainbow Six Siege's Year 4 Season 3 operators will be from Mexico and Peru, and a leak in June suggested their gadgets will be a grappling hook and a shield that drops fire when destroyed. A new leak this week, originating on 4Chan, supposedly shows what those two new operators look like: you can see one above, and the other below.

Infinity Ward's focus isn't on battle royale, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer design director says
We've had a go at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's multiplayer, tried out its new corner-mounting mechanic, and seen a more deliberate take on the Call of Duty formula. But the question remains—will this Call of Duty have a battle royale mode, as well as the regular multiplayer?
IGN asked Infinity Ward's multiplayer design director Joe Cecot, whether it would and he replied that though the designers are "big fans of battle royale" that's not what they're working on. "We’re excited for large player counts and things like that, but right now we’re really focused on core multiplayer." Which is not a definitive no, but suggests it might be on the backburner. Interest in the battle royale genre does seem to be slowing.

Record of Lodoss War platformer heading to Early Access later this year
The next game based on the Record of Lodoss War franchise, a set of Japanese novels that sparked a popular anime TV series, is heading to Steam Early Access this year and is targeting a spring 2020 release date.

Respawn producer appears to tease new Apex Legends character
An Apex Legends developer appears to have teased the next character coming to the battle royale shooter by sharing images from a Respawn motion capture session.
Tina Sanchez shared the image above on Twitter alongside another picture of her wearing a suit covered in sensors and carrying a cane. "Working on Apex Legends stuff," read the tweet.

Borderlands 2 dev explains why there's mysterious boxes hidden under every level
The latest video in YouTuber Shesez's excellent Boundary Break series—which takes the viewer outside the boundaries in popular games—is all about Borderlands 2, and it reveals plenty of secrets about the way the world is designed.

Romance of The Three Kingdoms 14 announced, due early 2020
Developer Koei has announced the 14th installment in its Romance of the Three Kingdoms grand strategy RPGs, and it will come to Steam early next year.
Koei said Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 will help return "classic gameplay" to the series by using the ruler-based systems from the 9th and 11th entries, which means all actions take place on a single, hex-based map. The aim is to gather and manage land during the fall of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, using diplomacy or force as needed.

Total War: Elysium is a card game spin-off launching in China first
Earlier in the year, Creative Assembly said that China was the biggest market for Total War: Three Kingdoms, and the studio has followed up that surge in popularity by teaming up with Chinese publisher NetEase. The partnership means NetEase will be bringing all of the historical Total Wars to China, along with a brand new game.

Master of Magic acquired by strategy publisher Slitherine
After 25 years, Master of Magic has finally been summoned again. After a stint languishing at Atari, the rights to the formative fantasy 4X game have been acquired by Slitherine, the publisher also responsible for bringing back the similarly ancient Fantasy General.

Snake is not sneaking into Tekken 7
This weekend, EVO hosted a few fighting game announcements amid the relentless brawling of the tournament's competitors, and one in particular got folk all in a lather. During the Tekken 7 finals, it looked like Metal Gear Solid's Snake was being teased as an upcoming fighter. Hopes were raised and then, tragically, dashed.

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I need Cyberpunk 2077 so badly. Going to replay Deus Ex MD in the meanwhile.






You can kill every character in The Outer Worlds
Speaking to Polygon, Obsidian's senior designer Brian Heins confirmed that in The Outer Worlds, you'll be able to kill anyone you want. And to protect your ability to complete quests, there are back-up systems in place.

Great, Obsidian sticking to old RPG design philosophies.

JEMC said:

Monday news, part two:

Master of Magic acquired by strategy publisher Slitherine
After 25 years, Master of Magic has finally been summoned again. After a stint languishing at Atari, the rights to the formative fantasy 4X game have been acquired by Slitherine, the publisher also responsible for bringing back the similarly ancient Fantasy General.

Now that's interesting, loved that game.

Wait, they remade Fantasy General? Where???

Edit: looked at their website... beta test for Fantasy General 2? Immediately applied!

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HoloDust said:

You can kill every character in The Outer Worlds
Speaking to Polygon, Obsidian's senior designer Brian Heins confirmed that in The Outer Worlds, you'll be able to kill anyone you want. And to protect your ability to complete quests, there are back-up systems in place.

Great, Obsidian sticking to old RPG design philosophies.

I didn't have the game on my radar until I read that. But then I found out it's not open world and lost all interest again.

Back to waiting for Elex 2.

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Tuesday news:


Borderlands 2 sold 22 million copies, NBA 2K19 nearly 12 million copies, Civilization VI 5.5 million copies
Take-Two has announced its fiscal Q1 2020 earnings, revealing that NBA 2K19 has sold nearly 12 million copies. On the other hand, Civilization VI has sold 5.5 million copies. As such, Civ 6 is now considered the fastest-selling game in the series.
Take-Two has also unveiled that Borderlands 2 has sold 22 million copies worldwide on all platforms. In addition, the Borderlands franchise has sold more than 48 million units. However, it will be interesting to see how the next part in the franchise, Borderlands 3, will sell on the PC. After all, Borderlands 3 will be timed-exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

At Steam there are two new daily deals (only one is legit) as well as a new round of weeklong deals:

On the Humble Store there are 3 new sales:

Fanatical has two new deals:


Take a break from Steam's Interactive Recommender by sharing your favorite hidden gems
It's been about a month since Steam introduced its new Interactive Recommender that uses machine learning to suggest new games based on the ones you've already played. There are plenty of feature requests being discussed in Steam's own discussions page for Steam Labs, but the Reddit community dedicated to Steam has started a thread that does the exact opposite.
One of the stickied posts in the Steam subreddit, posted four days ago, asks other Redditors to post games that they consider "hidden gems." Given that it's locked to the top of the page, it seems the moderators may plan to leave it running for a while to let the community call out some of its favorites. Getting crowd-sourced recommendations is no novelty, though it's interesting that users are making a concerted effort to push a human-curated list while Steam focuses on auto-generated lists.


You can now play as The Witcher 3 Triss Merigold and Yennefer in Monster Hunter World
Modder ‘crimsonfaust’ has released two new cool mods for Monster Hunter World. As the title suggests, these mods let you play as Triss Merigold and Yennefer from The Witcher 3. To put it simply; these are just two 3D character swappers and nothing more.
You can download the Triss Merigold mod from here and the Yennefer mod from here. Now while these 3D models were ripped from The Witcher 3, you can immediately notice the inferior lighting system that Monster Hunter World actually uses.

The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition version 4.61 brings numerous fixes, gameplay tweaks & improvements
The Dedicated W3EE Mod Team has released a brand new version of The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition. In case you weren’t aware of, W3EE is a complete and comprehensive rework of The Witcher 3, offering a much higher quality experience than the original game ever could.
Version 4.61 redesigns Toxicity, adds bandages that remove stacks of bleed and adds a new sound effect on being blinded. Moreover, it improves tooltips for potions that increase the stack timer for bleed and poison, and allows Witcher senses to work as a toggle.
This new version of The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition also buffs Full Moon and the stats of swords with the Dark Curse effect. Naturally, it also comes with a number of gameplay fixes.
>> Available from Nexus Mods.

Watch CJ and Big Smoke from GTA: San Andreas duke it out in Sekiro
Why would anyone watch a video featuring Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas stars CJ and Big Smoke duking it out in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? Well, I'm not sure many would. When I was sent the below video, featuring the above described scenario, I didn't think I'd bother watching it either. But then I did, and then I felt a great compulsion to share it, and so here we are.
The video above belongs to YouTuber horheristo, and it uses two mods created by modder DropOff. The mod for replacing the player-character with CJ is here, while the mod for turning Genichiro Ashina into Big Smoke is here. See? Now you can do it yourself.

Plot out the rest of your summer with this Stardew Valley island farm mod
Most modded Stardew Valley farms are all about increasing acreage and maximizing efficiency, but modder Exblaster has gone a totally different route with this island getaway farm map. If you need something new while we wait for more information on the next Stardew Valley update, this laid-back ocean-side property may help you relax. Rather than a countryside locale perfect for planting corn, this beach farm is covered in cliffs on the north and dotted with palm trees.
There are only a few places on the Hidden Spirit Cove map that look well-suited to rows of crops. But that's okay, because this island looks primed for relaxation. So you're better off planting some crops in your greenhouse rather than spending hours tilling the sand on the beach.


F1 2019 Patch 1.07 adds support for NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FidelityFX
Codemasters has released a brand new update for its latest F1 racing game, F1 2019. According to the release notes, patch 1.07 adds official support for both NVIDIA’s DLSS and AMD’s FidelityFX tech.

Brand new beautiful 4K screenshot released for Cyberpunk 2077
Well, you gotta love CD Projekt RED. Last week, the team released an in-game screenshot for its upcoming RPG and yesterday, the team also released another one. CD Projekt RED is cleverly hyping its title by simply sharing screenshots on Twitter, and that’s a particularly clever move.

Remedy on the PC version of Control: “No, it’s not downgraded”
Last month, Remedy revealed the official PC requirements for Control. However, last week the team lowered the game’s PC specs, something that puzzled a number of gamers. Due to these lower PC specs, some gamers began wondering whether the PC version was downgraded. Thankfully, Remedy states that the game has not been downgraded on our platform.

Please excuse my bad English.

Currently gaming on a PC with an i5-4670k@stock (for now), 16Gb RAM 1600 MHz and a GTX 1070

Steam / Live / NNID : jonxiquet    Add me if you want, but I'm a single player gamer.