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Super Mario Sunshine was a great game and the first game I bought along my Gamecube back in 2003 but i always thought of it as a spinoff since many gaming sites back then kept talking about Super Mario 128 coming in 2005 (I think that game eventually became Galaxy). Ive been wondering why didnt they make this a new series, instead of Sunshine 2 they could go with a different vacation setting.

Super Mario Winter Wonderland-Mario and Peach go on a nice little weekend retreat up on Mt. Mushroom only to find out its been overrun with baddies. Instead of F.L.U.D.D. Mario gets a different device, maybe a snowboard made by E. Gadd that allows u to access different areas by making a path of ice the snowboard can follow, also being able to feeeze enemies.

Super Mario Mushroom Kindom Cruise-Mario and Co. are on vacation on the S.S. Mushroom and it gets taken over by Bowser and his minions. The ship acts as the overworld like the Castle in Mario 64. Not sure what type of gadget would be used in this one.

What do u guys think, could this make a nice Mario spinoff series and if so what other ideas would u use?

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I like the idea.

Loved Sunshine especially playing it during the summer and always wanted a Winter/Christmas type of Mario game.

Would be nice *-*!

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Like to see that, branch out in the Mushroom World.
Heck, I'm still waiting to see a game taking place back in Sarasaland. :/

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I'd play it. But it wouldn't sell.

good idea, I really liked the setting of mario sunshine, I actually felt like i was on vacation

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