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It's a well known fact that the entire internet is biased to Sony and the Playstation. This can be seen by asking any reasonable* internet user. But has anyone ever wondered why this is the case?

*If a "reasonable" person doesn't agree that the internet is biased to Sony, then that person is not reasonable afterall.

I mean, let's think about it. Throughout the entire 7th generation, the Wii has sold much more than the PS3, and the DS more than the PSP. You would expect there to be more Nintendo fans than Playstation fans, but this is not the case. And then, look at Microsoft. The 360 is much more relevant than the PS3 in the wealthiest countries (USA, UK, etc), the countries with the most access to the internet. So considering the real world sales, why is it that there are so many more PS3 fans than Xbox 360 fans on the interwebs? Here are some possible explanations:

1. Access to the internet. The PS3 has an advantage in the fact that every PS3 owner has acces to the internet. The 360 did not have an internet browser for most of its years and most Wii owners were probably too poor/cheap to afford an internet connection (since many people bought a Wii because it was cheap). Therefore, it's possible that the 360 and Wii are missing a lot of fans due to lack of access to the internet. Additionally, every PS3 fan owns a PC so they can play Xbox console exclusives like Left 4 Dead and Gears of War 1. This gives them two devices to access the internet, increasing their prevalence by a factor of 200%.

2. Sony Bros are the most hardcore. Some people say that Wii owners are composed of more "casual" gamers, and therefore have little interest in internet forums. These same people might say Xbox gamers are composed more of the "social" type of gamers who play games to have fun with friends, rather than because they like games. These are people who may not have an interest to discuss video games online. The advocates of this theory believe that Sony bros are the only "true" gamers who play games because they love gaming, which is why they browse the internet to discuss games.

3. PS3 is MASSIVELY undertracked. The discrepancy between real-world sales and internet fandom is too just too massive to be true. Some people believe may believe that the PS3 has actually outsold the 360 and the Wii by rather massive numbers. This would explain why there are so many Sony bros running rampant. And let's not forget VGChartz does not track digital downloads. It's possible that the PS3 has sold a lot more digitally.

4. The PS3 has no games. Many Sony bros don't have any games to play and thus troll the interwebs. This would make sense, only the Vita has no games and yet we see very few Vita fans. Even considering the low installbase, there should be more Vita fans on the internet considering their lack of games. This theory is therefore false.

5. Sony fans enjoy talking about games more than playing games. It's possible that there are a lot more Sony fans than VGC's data suggest, simply because many Sony fans don't actually buy consoles...or play games at all. They would rather troll the internet under the banner of Sony. Scientists have studied this phenomenon for years, but no one can explain it.

6. Sony Bros don't really dominate the internet that much (?) Kidding, kidding. I couldn't even type that with a straight face.

Keep in mind that these are not my beliefs. These are just some opinions I've pulled from others. 

What do you think explains the odd Sony domination?

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You know what I noticed? The gaming press is very pro-Nintendo. I think that's because a lot of them started gaming during the Nintendo days.

They have no games to play. Oh wait.........these are Wii U owners.

It's not true, whenever someone says something negative about Nintendo they are called a Sony fanboy same thing for Microsoft, i don't know how many time I've seen known Nintendian and known Xboters here called Sony fanboys because they said something negative about the X360 or the wii/U. Sony fans are just the scapegoat of the Interwebs

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Because Sony paved the way and broke new ground by creating the biggest market in gaming history.

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Clear enough?

Its a well known fact that every Sony fan has a gaming PC, so they can play Xbox Multiplatform Exclusives.

This skews the forum numbers.

Carl2291 said:
Its a well known fact that every Sony fan has a gaming PC, so they can play Xbox Multiplatform Exclusives.

This skews the forum numbers.

I like this one!