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Mafia Round 57 - Into the void

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Final Fan            


      Town/Third Party- Vigilante Tree Stump creator M...something..his memory never fully returned  





Astro       Gabriel/town Tracker    

The Proff00


      Town/lyncher Never had a chance to learn his name.  



9  Vetteman       Scum/ Traitor Beelzabub  

The year is, there is no year. There is no....... anything.

"Where are we"? "Who are you"? "Who are we?" The only thing that you have with you is this thing in your pocket. There are seven other beings around you in the dark on the cold hard ground. You are thirsty, hungry, and afraid. Flashes of a gruesome, endless war hit your memory, but then the images are gone. Did you experience these memories, or was it just the residual leftovers of some dream you had while you froze on the cold dark groung last night?

As the others start to wake up from their coma like slumber, you realize that you need to start on a plan on what to do.

You whisper to yourself, "Let there be light", and it is so. You squint your eyes in the bright light of the newly formed Star, as does the others around you.

The man to your right then says, "Let there be water on the earth so that we may drink", and it is so.

One after another each person in your small, lost group, creates something else that is needed so that you all may survive whatever situation that you are in.

"Are we ...god's"? "How did we come into such power"? You think to yourself, knowing full well that the others are thinking the same thing.

"Where is my family, what is this place, how do I get home, who can help"


As all of these wonderous creations were taking place, the Deep Dark was at the outer edge of the group of god"s.

"I know who I am! But these puny, weak beings have no idea."

"They do not know that I am going to kill them. I AM GOING TO KILL ALL OF THEM!"

"We were banished here to this Realm. Only a few of us will be allowed back to Heavoriam. I must tell the others in my group what is going on. But will they believe me? Do the other good Angels read minds?"

" I see that the angel, I think his name is "Yahweh", has created a creature in his own image to be his slave in this realm. I need to take control of this Beast, which I will call "Man" to help me take back my crown when I return to my home! King Satan! What a nice ring."

The others in the group took notice of the distracted Figure on the edge of the group. Something was different about him, but they could not quite put their hands on it.They quickly lost interest as they all started to take out the thing in their pockets. What is in your pockets?

"Let them waste their time. I must beat them. Must get out of this slow death. The only way is to trap them here, until I can get out of here with or without anyone else."

Pocket contents

One Scroll

A Picture

A knife


A Fingernail

A Star

A Glass Shard

Genesis Engine

Beelzabub rubbed his loose fingernail. "Why is this in my pocket? My finger hurts so much!"


- For a time-limit at least 33% of the players will have to vote for it. The limit will be set @ 24h from the time the last vote was cast, this needs no extra confirmation by me.
- The following voting-formatings will be accepted (unbolded is also accepted):

VOTE: Player
Vote: Player
VOTE Player
Vote Player

-There will be no day one lynching unless there are 7 votes on one player.

- No posting Names or your items in the thread.

- The day will end if one person has accumulated more than 50% of the votes, or if a time-limit has run out, if a timelimit is reached the person with the most votes will be lynched, in case more than one person is in lead the tie-braker, that can be found at the end of this post applies. Twilight will last for a minimum of 15 minutes after I posted the final votals, there is absolutely no night talk, check the thread before you post if you are at risk of posting at night (refresh), however it is allowed to tag the thread with a "tagged"-post containing nothing else but the word "tagged" at night.

- If not mentioned otherwise, general rules of VGC mafia apply.

-After day one, you may not post anything about your PM in the game. Any questions or doubts, ask me in a PM.

    Do not edit posts
    Do not post after death unless given permission.("I don't want to die"/"Good luck" is okay)
    No direct quotation of anything the host says privately
    Forbidden to talk about this game outside of the game.

Feel free to ask me any questions via PM.


Game Starts NOW!!! 10:50 a.m Central Standard time

PM's will be sent out over the next hour.

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Ok, lets get this show on the road

Still getting PM's out. Stay patient everyone who is on right now.

Is there a reason why 2 names in the original list have different colors or just an error from copying over from another list?

Remember folks, There Is No Death In The Void.

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Vetteman94 said:
Is there a reason why 2 names in the original list have different colors or just an error from copying over from another list?

I stole the graph from the touhou round, and I want to be able to use those colors again in the future.

noname2200 said:
Remember folks, There Is No Death In The Void.

All PM's have been sent out. Would you like to be an alternate? If the new guy does not show up or if it was a joke post.

Just a joke post I'm afraid: I rarely have enough time these days to play a game anymore.

Checking in. Let's do this.

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Since many have not even signed in yet, I will probably add another day to day one. If enough people want it.
If anyone is not playing, I will find a replacement if I can.