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Microsoft is currently working on an adapter for current wired headsets to connect to Xbox One. This tidbit of information was revealed when @XboxSupport replied to a question that was posted on Twitter. Previously there were rumors floating around the internet that you wouldn’t be able to use any of our current gen headsets. If you owned a nice pair of headphones (I own Astro A40s myself) then this was obviously unwelcome news. Fortunately though it appears that rumor was just that, a rumor. In the past five weeks or so there has been a lot of misinformation going around the internet regarding Xbox One and it is nice that we at least have an answer for one of the potential issues. 

It should be noted that no release date or pricing was given for this adapter. For those who haven’t kept up with this particular rumor, the new XBox One controller will be coming with a new, proprietary data port that was different than what we have with the Xbox 360. According to Microsoft this will result in the audio quality being better than it was with the Xbox 360 headsets since it supports stereo audio which can only be a good thing. Still, there were legitimate concerns that our expensive Turtle Beach or Astro headsets wouldn’t work. Fortunately that rumor has been laid to rest by @XboxSupport.

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and let me guess, we have to buy this adapter? how surprising

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at least people don't have to buy their 200 headsets over again!

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bananaking21 said:
and let me guess, we have to buy this adapter? how surprising

Of course.

Depending on how much this costs depends on what option I pursue. I have a pair of Turtle Beaches that were only $49.99 and buying a $40 adapter would be stupid. I use them for my PC anyways. If the adapter is only $15-20 it may be worth it but if I can just get another pair of Turtle Beaches for $49.99 for the Xbox One then I'll go that route. Everybody can hate on having to spend a little more money for chat capabilities but the quality will be night and day between PS4 and Xbox One. Stereo chat that is as good or better quality than a phone vs mono chat with a cheap headset for PS4.

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Backwards compatibility with games or accessories is backwards guys. We should all know that....

bananaking21 said:
and let me guess, we have to buy this adapter? how surprising

so what!?  ffs give it a rest.

So we bitch about buying an adaptor for a few bucks, but not having backward compatible games for the hundreds of dollars of games you have bought across the PS4 and One is ok?

every little thing.....




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Thank fuck.

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The adapter being bundled would be nice. Interesting to see how much they price it, along with the new headset.