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Sony's PS3 419 34.57%
Microsoft's Xbox 360 102 8.42%
Nintendo's Wii 691 57.01%

Every Generation teres been a winning console. if it was NES in 4th, PS1 in 5th or PS2 in 6th. But who is the winner from the 7th Generation  of gaming consoles. 

A Breif History:

Xbox 360 - Microsoft thought PS2 had won because of it being released first, so they firgured they used the same tactics in the 7th generation. But it didnt go good. The Xbox 360 had alot of tecnical glitchs, the biggest and most popular RROD or Red Ring of DEATH.

   There was more other than the bad hardware from the 360. Like the comercials, they wernt that good. i remeber one just showed a bunch of people just jumping rope putting out the reference anyone can jump right into the 360. 

   Also games, games were not that great for the 360, a launch for a console means alot, nobody is gonna buy a console without games. The 360 didnt have that many exclusives except Call of duty 2, and saints row. for 1st party games they had alot of sports games and low budget games like King Kong the game of the movie. As time went on Xbox 360 really didnt have that many good Exclusives, other than Gears of War, HALO, and Forza.

   The 360 was then known as a cheap low developed console because of its number of hardware failures. But later in this generation they annouced the Xbox Slim in 2010, this model seemed to reduce the likeliness of failure for the console. But by this time the PS3 was already outselling them greatly. At E3 Microsoft annouced a new model of the Xbox 360, called Xbox 360 Super Slim. its actually not much small, same price, and no added memoery to the console. 

   Also annoced at E3 2010 was Kinect. Kinect was supposed to be the new generation of motion gaming, and it looked to be so. But the respose time was a fail, the lack of GOOD Kinect games never came. The only thing i saw as a good use for the Kinect was that you could say something and it would go to it, although it would take a second, a second you could have just used to press a couple buttons and ge the same reaction.

  So for a conclusion i believe that  Microsoft launched an unready console with few games and few capabilites. They later perfected the console to the way it should have been and added a non resposive hands free motion device. im not hating im just telling the truth.


PS3: The PS3 was going to be Sony's money making machine for the next 10 years, but they messed up on a couple of things. 

   When they annouced their console in 2005, they had the boomerange controller ( the one nobody remembers) a sleek console with good memeory, amazing power and graphics. But their was one problem, the cost. The PS3 launch Price points was $600 and $500 one for the 20GB model and one for the 60GB model.

  There strategy was to build something so powerful that the developers only wanted to make games for that system, dumb huh. Anyway when the console launched few bought it becuase of the price, their was few games just like Xbox 360. Also, developers thought it was harder to make games for the system ecuae of its homemade Processor. so devs just ported games from the 360 to the PS3. The only really good thing about the PS3, is it didnt break almost EVER.

   Later Sony relized they really messed up, so they made a $100 price cut and later made a whole new model with a new branding to remove that Spider man logo. The PS3 Slim instead of The Playstation 3 Slim. Anyway they launched th eslim with a new motion controller called The PSMove, after a while sony relized motion gaming wasnt interesting anymore and cut the amount of games being developed for the Move.

   The PlayStation Network or PSN was a major cometetor to XBL or XBOX LIVE. They both basically did the same thing until PS Plus was annouced in 2010 this service provided the best deals and free games and the cost was less compared to XBL. Although all things good must come to an end. in 2011 PSN was hacked by Anonymous. The Network was down for a number of days. After a while everything seemed to be back to normal even though many left Sony because of this.

   The last thing iw ill talk abou is how in 2013 PS3 officially started to outsell the total amount of Xbox 360's sold.

 For a conclusion i believe that sony thought too much of themself and set a price point that was too high. They then learned from their mistake and made a major comeback in the gaming industry.


Wii:  The Wii was annouced at a price point of only $250. And at the time Motion was the next generation of gaming, they seemed like gods at the time.

  Their launch of games consited of a few series games like Call of duty 3, but since their was no controller it was hard to play FPS's, also the graphics were not the greatest. Basically they turned their industry strictly towards Kid friendly games. 

   They were outselling Sony and Microsoft for years, millions apon millions of Wii's sold each MONTH. But it seemed kid friendly games just didnt cut it anymore, they needed good exclusvies that applied to Hardcore gamers too. When the Kinect came around it seemsed that took a hold of the family enviorment and the Wii was left in the dust. 

  For my conclusion i think The Wii had an amzing start, but people lost  interest in motion gaming, and thats all the ii was so it became a paper weight for most people. With the Wii not having the best graphics, no games for the hard core gaming community, and just being motion i think we all know the Wii lost this Generation, but it did pretty good on sales for the time it was popular. But times have changed so Motion and Tablet play wont cut it this gen so they need to step their game up or they will die.


PLease tell me in the comment what console won and why, also tell me your favorite and check the poll.


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The Wii, of course. It had the largest share of the 7th gen market. That's how the winner of a generation is defined.

Nintendo: won both the handlheld and home console race(sales figures)

Wii definitely won sales, but I argue that PS3 won library, and X360 didn't do too shabby either.

Yeah it can't be denied, the Wii won by far... altough PS3 is second!

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Honestly i dissagree. i think its the console that lasts the whole Gen LOL. I will give it to Nintendo for having the most sales. But motion got boring really quic and The Wii turned into a paper weight. So i say Wii FAIL.  But thank you for your opinion i always like to hear from other gamers :)

curl-6 said:
The Wii, of course. It had the largest share of the 7th gen market. That's how the winner of a generation is defined.

not when Sony isn't on top

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Anfebious said:
Yeah it can't be denied, the Wii won by far... altough PS3 is second!

the PS3 can still "win" it. by now its no denying its the Wii

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