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S.Peelman said:
Aldro said:

Yeah but if you read the OP, that isn't everything behind why I said it. There is a ..Journalist (Hiphopgamer xD) that claims UC4 will take place on the sea. And then theres my theory regarding UC3s focus on the sea and why that could be used in UC4 (especially since the engine has been confirmed to be the same just upgraded). Then there is also the outfits that look like pirates that was taken from a TLOU making of video without it being in TLOU.

So yeah.. not just the steering wheel.

Still all circumstantial, and the 'journalist' is just guessing.

Although he claims someone told him that xD. But yeah, take it with a hugee grain of salt.

But yeah, it's simply a guess without any real evidence just mere hopes.

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The question is, how would such a game play? Considering the weapons available during that time it would have to be completely different from the contemporary Uncharted games

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iceboy151 said:
Do we really want another Uncharted? Move on and create a new IP.

^this.  i love unchartered but it can take a hiatus.  give me crash lol