Does anyone even care about the ouya?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Does anyone even care about the ouya?


Yes 16 12.60%
No 93 73.23%
Ouya? 18 14.17%

It could sell 500,000 units, perhaps even a million.

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It takes the lack of mobility from consoles and the lack of power and compelling AAA games from mobile and combines them. Who could honestly say they didn't care about such a genius little device?

Looks tacky, and I dislike casual games.

I funded the kickstarter for it. I sold it the day I got it in the mail. Hey, at least I made $25 off of it.

I think VGC should try to track it if they can.

Also I don't care for the Ouya although it will be great for indie developers.

EDIT:  Had no idea it was even released yet O.O