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With the PS4 around the corner and the ability to transfer your PSN ID across along with trophies, I thought of a possible scenario/issue. Say for example I purchase Watch Dogs or COD Ghosts for PS3 and platinum them both. Would I then be able to 'Re-earn' those same trophies for the PS4 version of said games? Essentially getting the exact same trophies again. Would be an easy way to pad your trophy count if it's possible. I'm shooting in the dark here so i'm wondering if you guys could shed any light on this? Or is all unknown yet what solution Sony will implement for such a scenario?

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probably; it's proably like the PS3/Vita situation as you can get a plat in both like PSABR.

If you are willing to pay double just to get some extra trophies, then I don't see why not.


Why would people be stupid enough to buy two copies of the same game on different consoles just to re-earn the same trophies...

Most Vita/PS3 multiplats share the same trophy pool. So no reearning.

PS3/4 will likely be the same.

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2 different games I guess.
I don't think there are going to be cross-buys like ps3/vita

If you play the NA version of a PS3 game and then import the EU version (or vice versa) you can double platinum the game. How do I know? Before Demon's souls got an EU release my local video store had the US version available for rental. I earned a few trophies on it but didn't hire more than once. Then I bought the EU version and it created a second trophy set for the game.

So you can pad your trophies just with PS3 games if you really want to.

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Yes, this will be possible.  It's already possible on the Vita.

HOWEVER.. some of the PS3/Vita trophies lists are shared trophy lists between both systems.  It would be interesting if they did the same for PS3/PS4, but I think most of them will be separate trophy lists.

You know the Trophy System is already cross plataform... they just will show a new icon called PS4.

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