Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Reggie the coolest President of all game companies?

Who is the coolest?

Reggie Fils-Aime 164 52.56%
Jack Tretton 25 8.01%
Kazuo Hirai 117 37.50%
Don Mattrick 6 1.92%

Is there a cooler President than Reggie in all gaming history?  Aside from all of our bias', it seems noone has more personality and does cool things for their fans.  This vid, along with some of the other things he's done made me think of this.


P.S. how do I post a vid in the OP?

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Not even close. All hail King Kaz.

I think Kaz takes the crown because he became an internet icon thus more popular. I also like how he's aware of his memes, gif's and how the internet sees him.


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PS3 fan here, voting for Reggie. He seems more like a real video game fan. He comes across as a big kid.

Kaz Hirai?  Meh.  Maybe if he was really behind the twitter account, he'd have my vote.  I'll never get over his PS3 launch at E3.

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The only really nice, charismatic guy from all of them is Reggie. The othern ones are all in reality just boring business, manager stereotypes only popular because they work for Sony or MS and because of the neogaf fanboy war. If you listen to Kazuo Hirai or Don Mattrick when they actualy talk in a regular interviews or press events you just fall asleep, this guys may be good managers and fit in their companys but they are not charismatic.

If we are counting everyone with the word President in their title (which you seem to be), then no motherfucker holds a candle to Shu Yoshida.

I think the main Japanese guy at nintendo is better than Reggie. Reggie doesnt come across very well at all, that interview at E3 he did with Jeff really made me dislike him further. While the other guy (sorry don't know his name) came across as a really cool/fun guy.

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