Super Smash Bros Comparison Pics!!! (Brawl vs WiiU)

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What do y'all think

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It's like Bowser isn't even trying anymore.

It's not a massive jump, but it looks overall cleaner and much clearer. My one hope is that it runs in 1080p, as this series could definitely benefit from the higher resolution.

On another note, what's up with how similar most o these screens are? The poses are nearly identical between versions.

by far Samus looks the most improved. The character models don't look like a huge improvement, but that's just based off these stills. The biggest upgrade to me seems to be the stages. If you run the games side by side (video), you see the big picture and get a better idea. Plus, I'm sure there is alot of more polishing to do.

smash U looks great.

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Brawl looked pretty good.

Hopefully they'll push it more but it does look soo much cleaner. Link and Mario look much much sharper, also Mario's clothes are much better!


Link and Pit look much better on the Wii U IMO.

Barozi said:
Brawl looked pretty good.

yeah, brawl looked amazing.  It would of looked as good as these photos had they had the resolution output on the Wii.

I've always seen Brawl as something visually stunning. And it runs at 60 fps.

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