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Is this really Reggie's house?

Yes, looks nice! 6 60.00%
No, he owns his own priva... 4 40.00%

Found this promo vid on Nintendo's youtube page.  Do you guys think this is Reggie's real house?  Anyways, check out his Animial Crossing house.  I've never gotten into AC, but it seems like the game is getting huge.  What are your guy's thought on it?


P.S.  Does someone know how to add vids in an OP?

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link pls!

Yes. I do. Now lets find out where it is and camp there! Dream about his feet.

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tbone51 said:
link pls!

i posted the vid

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had to laugh at 1:59

Ha. He has his face on his bedsheets.

That house would take me months and a whole bunch of play hours. I just finished paying off my first expansion...

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