Why do some people think 360 will outsell PS3?

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Just like all Xbox fanboys these days you dont state any numbers. There are no facts to back what you say.

Uncharted has a higher attach rate than both Mass Effect and is close to Bioshock in half the time.

Also, if you dont count Japan, COD4 an AC are both selling more per console than it is on the 360. (Not counting Japan is because of release date and game preference.) The attach rate for those games to people who actually could but it was around 25%.

REGARDLESS of how much MS spent, people enjoy Live because of Unified friends list, messaging, game invites, and gamerscore. If all that is matched (which so far seems it will be.) Then Live has no advantage but still costs $$$.

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I apologize for the grammer erros im trying to do like 8 things at once. As per the backup to my statement in regards to the 3x as much to develop for:


Anyone of these should be enough to justify my point. Again, I am not a 360 fanboy, I own a PS3 as I have stated previously. Based on my assessment of both consoles I am stating my opinion and as far as I am concerned I have several valid points.  Is it really a surprise that it costs more to develop for to you?  I mean the 360 uses a common programming language that has developed devtools while the PS3 uses a new architecture never before seen.  I wonder which one costs more????

As far as your attach rate comment goes in regards to your specific games, thats fine. But it is a fact that the 360 has the highest attach rate in terms of software then any other console. It is at 7 games per XBOX360 owner, so your point really has no relevance.


I am unsure whether you have a 360 or not, but the point I was making before was "intergrated" game play in its live service. I suppose that the PS3 will have some sort of integration, however, I am certain that MS will continue to have the best online product avaliable. I mean I do not see why so many PS3 fanboys claim home will be this amazing software app. What is Sony's business? They are hardware manufactuers and are primarily in the licensing business. What is Microsofts business....software.

I think PS3 wins hands down in the graphical department. But based on argument above, I feel that the 360 provides the full next gen experiance and as such I feel it stands a chance to take this year just as it has taken the last 2.  I am not saying that the PS3 isnt a great piece of hardware.  All I am saying is when I sit down getting ready to play a game, I tend to play all multiplat games on the 360 and play mostly all of my online on the 360 with the exception of Warhawk. 

I think MS has done a great job and has proven themselves with the 360 and feel that it has a fighting chance against the console giants in Sony and Nintendo.