With the new Xbox-One which system are you gonna get? Poll inside!!!

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Which system are you planning to get (Wii U current owners can select the Wii U)

The Xbox-One...it has bet... 70 13.75%
Wii U all the way. It ma... 34 6.68%
PS4, I want me some KillZ... 261 51.28%
Wii U & PS4...This co... 93 18.27%
Wii U & Xbox One...Th... 18 3.54%
Xbox One & PS4...Powe... 12 2.36%
Xbox One, Wii U, and PS4.... 21 4.13%


As of now with the new news on the XBox One I am in an even bigger dilemma than I was before.

I was thinking of taking my PS4 preorder and selling the console during the holidays and hoping to get a $900-$1000 return, so a $500-$600 profit and using that to buy another PS4 and some games.

Now I can sell the PS4 and use the money to get a PS4 and an XBone. Both consoles for just $400 of my hard earned money.

However, I wouldn't have the funds to fully support both consoles right now.

Decisions, decisions.

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ps4 and xbo with halo5 when it comes out. this gen ps4 will be exclusives and multiplatform games, and xbo will be for exclusives. total 180 from last gen. im going to have to work on some trophies.


DevilRising said:
Chandler said:
I'm getting all consoles without paywalled online multiplayer.

Ahhhh. Hopefully I'll be seeing you online on "The U" then.

I already am.

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greenmedic88 said:
WagnerPaiva said:
PS4 at launch, Xbox One when the good exclusives and the price are enough.

OP: "New" XB1? Okay.

Second on PS4 on launch, XB1 at $399 with an established library. Not even going to buy any of those games used, but by then they won't be $60. 

Sure, before they changed the DRM stuff I would not buy it because of the arrogance, but I love Sony Exclusives and Psn plus, so it is PS4 at launch for me, but can buy a X1 if there are games that I really want (Not Halo, I hate Halo).

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