So now did Microsoft win this generation with the Xbone?

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Yes 70 9.55%
No 552 75.31%
I am scared, and think it is too early to say 59 8.05%
Other ( post below) 12 1.64%
I liked the restrictions and DRM... 26 3.55%
Wright is a Wizard. 14 1.91%
LemonSlice said:
If they do actually change things, it does make it look a lot more appealing, but it doesn't change the fact that the PS4 still has a lot going for it. This won't turn the tide, but it will help MS tremendously. Again, if it's for real.

It's real, but I agree with you. The PS4 will have the bigger holiday and has the better word of mouth, but this is a huge step in the right direction, it seems.


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Every minute, it seems things get better and better.

Do we need three of these threads?^

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They're still more expensive than the PS4, but they're certainly in much better shape than they were 30 minutes ago.

Huh. I'm still not sure if Microsoft cut enough out to actually change things, but I was sure Microsoft was going to eat dirt for two years after launch before backtracking. Being willing to respond before launch is promising.

I didn't have a problem with the ideas behind Microsoft's policies, but I found their application to be inexcusably draconian. Had the check-in system been once a week, with an initial two week grace period (for loaning games) I wouldn't have even blinked. Yeah, it's totally fair to expect a borrowed game to return to the owner in three weeks. I can complete the biggest RPGs in that time. But locking out borrowing games completely? Checking my papers more often than I boot my console? That's way over the line.

I'm still reserving judgement, but backtracking on anything is promising.

Probably not, but it seems less likely to fail horribly now.

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Took steps in the right direction, but it might not be enough still.
Damage has been done and it's still more expensive and less powerful on paper than PS4.
No region lock seems to be the most unexpected change however (as long as it applies to retail too).

Ohh man... Ryan I thought you are better then this. I mean the generation hasn´t even started yet


It's still a more expensive console, and even taking that away would put it on equal footing with the PS4. This means that the gen will be close (much closer than it would be without the policy change) but it's not in the bag for Microsoft by any stretch.

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I really wonder though, how much will this negative PR cost them in the initial launch stage? There was so much negativity that is has spread quite far, and the general public is pretty damn stupid so this will still spread.

This holiday will surely be interesting.

LOL its still 100 euros more expensive