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Has anyone gotten the Survival Edition? I need advice/opinions. I tried to preorder it, but it was sold out several weeks out from launch. I ended up having to get the standard edition, but now the Survival edition is available again.

I'm having second thoughts now. Haven't even finished TLoU yet - about 50% through. This would be my first special/non-standard edition of a game I've ever bought. 

So, my question is:  Is it worth it? Are the items included worth the extra $20? Tbh, the steel case was always the main draw for me; so, is the steel case nice?

As much info as anyone would be willing to give on the Survival Ed would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)

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Skip it. $3 junk tossed in for extra $20.

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Book - Malazan Book of the Fallen series 

Game - Metro Last Light

TV - Deadwood

Music - Forest Swords 

Wow, really?

Between the steel case, the hardcover artbook, and the comic, its really not worth the $20?

What's the steel case like? Like I said, that was my biggest draw.

I was pissed that Survival Edition was not available in Europe. The Joel Edition was cool, but it didn't have the steel case that I really like, but something like a hard book cover.

Joel Edition, was in my opinion not worth the 20$ that I have payed over the normal edition, Survival Edition looks better, but I would say still not worth 20$ if you're not really into the steel case, that would be the highest point of this set.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

I bought 2 copies from gamestop at $79 each. The asking price for it now, due to it's rarity is $150. I think it will go up. I was going to open one and collect the other one, but decided to collect both and buy a regular copy to play. Might get $400-500 in a relsale later on out of both. I say, if you can find any, snag em up. Sell them at a profit. Amazon has a seller selling at $79 now.. hurry and order. They will sell quick


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