PS4/X1 preorder thread - who's got one?

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Have you got a console preordered?

PS4 day one 98 41.70%
PS4 day one not guaranteed 18 7.66%
X1 26 11.06%
both!!!!! 6 2.55%
haven't yet preordered/p... 16 6.81%
not planning to preorder 28 11.91%
not planning on buying a ... 15 6.38%
(see results) 28 11.91%

PS4 pre-ordered, still to order some games, Killzone Shadow Fall and Infamous second son are on the list :)

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PS4 preordered so far, probably gonna preorder Watch_dogs and Drive Club soon

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pre-ordered the PS4..my very first home console pre-order!!!

I have both Xbox One and PS4 pre-ordered.
Also have COD: Ghosts for the Xbox one and Watchdogs and Killzone for PS4.
Still need to pre-order Battlefield and Need for Speed: Rivals, but not sure what system I'm gonna get those on.
If InFamous was a launch title then I would have gotten it day one as well.
And I can't wait for Titanfall, it looks like it's gonna be awesome.

I preorder mine from my local gamestop. Also preorder watch dogs.

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PS4 day one cant waite


LemonSlice said:

So, who’s got a preorder(s) ready? What are you going to get in terms of games and accessories? Why are you not preordering?

I have a PS4 day one preorder from an official Sony store. Haven't yet decided on games and accessories except for an extra controller. Many good titles to choose from, and I want to see more.

Just one thing. Please try to keep negativity to a minimum. I know I'm not the one to talk but I don’t want this thread derailed from the topic of preorders. Feel free to say why you picked one console over the other, but don’t be aggressive or defensive about yours and others choices. Thanks. :)


Got Xbone  day one edition preordered with ryse as my launch game. Will get ps4 afterwards as i havev a trip back home to south east asia otherwise would have gotten both at launch. Happy to be a gamer :)

Xbox ONE Day ONE edition will be mine! I've already paid for it too. I'll get Forza and another game which I have to decide on. A third game is also a chance.

Ordered my PS4.

To put on eBay.

Pre ordered PS4 with Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4, and Watch Dogs. I'll rent any other games that I happen to gain interest in.