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Now this is relying HEAVILY on speculation, but I think it is pretty acurate, and tbh the most accurate you can get with this sort of stuff.

Now the Superman vs. Goku Death battle made by Screwattack was extremely technical and accurate, and it should give us a clear idea of how to compare Vegetto to Superman. Goku in SSJ4 form wasn't able to surpass any of Supermans abilities. it goes like this...


Strength: 160k Tons (w/o ki)

Speed: 2.5 Billion km/hr

Durability: 34.7 sextillion MT


Strength: 6.6 quintillion tons

Speed: 9.4 Billion km/hr

Durability: 10 octillion MT


so we can see here, Superman far outclasses SSJ4 goku. but what are vegetto's stats? this is what requires speculation. we will also be assuming Vegetto can go SSJ4.

Supreme Kai stated that Majin Buu or "Fat buu" is a thousand times more powerful then freiza. and freiza had a powerlevel of 120,000,000 so that gives Majin Buu a power level of 120,000,000,000. Majin buu then later expels the evil within him creating Evil Buu, who was a little bit more powerful then Majin Buu, and judging by the battle, Evil Buu can be no more powerful then 130,000,000,000. Evil Buu then absorbs Majin Buu, adding his power to his own, making Super Buu with a total of 250,000,000,000 power level. later on, Super Buu absorbs Piccolo and SSJ3 Gotenks. SSJ3 Gotenks was stated to have the same power as Super Buu, and judging by their battle it would appear to be true, although some believe that Gotenks is stronger and Super Buu only leveled the playing field with his regeneration abilities. but we will just assume that they had the same power level, and with piccolo as well who probably barely added any power at all, we would have a power level slightly higher then 500,000,000,000. this form of Buu was able to fight on par with Ultimate Gohan, so we will assume that Ultimate Gohan (or mystic gohan as some call him) had a power level of 500,000,000,000 as well. the fusion between Goten and trunks (who create Gotenks, for those that don't know DBZ) wheres off inside Super Buu, thus returning his power level to 250,000,000,000. but since Buu does have piccolo and the two saiyans in him, we can judge that his power level is around 260,000,000,000, maybe more. Buu then absorbs ultimate Gohan, and thus becomes the most powerful villain in DBZ, with a power level of roughly 760,000,000,000.

Now Vegetto (fusion of Goku and Vegeta), while in his base form, was able to fight roughly on par with Buu, but many say that Vegetto was more powerful then Buu, some say vegetto far surpasses his power even. but I'm just going to assume he's on par, sounds fair right? so that puts Vegetto at 760,000,000,000 power level in base form. now how do we compare to Goku? well SSJ3 Goku was able to pummel Fat Buu, and was stated by piccolo that SSJ3 Goku could kill Buu if he really tried. Goku was also however able to hold out to Super Buu with Gotenks absorbed for a short period. Goku also had almost the exact same power as SSj2 Majin Vegeta, who was able to put up a decent fight against Fat buu, but Fat buu later gained the upper hand. so I'm putting SSj2 Majin Vegeta at 100,000,000,000 and since SSj3 is 4x stronger then Super Saiyan 2, that gives SSj3 Goku a power level of 400,000,000,000 which I think is about right. now divide SSJ4 Goku's stats by 10, and you got SSJ3 Goku stats. Base Vegetto is 1.9x stronger then SSj3 Goku, so multiply all of Goku's SSJ3 stats by that, and then multiply by 4000 which is the multiplyer from base to SSJ4, and you got!...


Strength: 121.6 Million Tons

Speed: 1.9 Quadrillion Km/hr

Durability: 26.37 Octillion MT

Now that we got Vegetto's stats, we can discuss who would win this "Death Battle".

please watch the Goku vs. Superman to give a clear idea on how this battle works and some of the abilities of superman wich I won't go over.


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Superman. His sneeze can blow away solar systems, and can survive super nova explosions. Can reach speeds 8x faster than light. Spoiler: can fly away and withstand a singularity black hole. See movie: Man of Steel.

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Vigetto because they can just keep wishing him back, and every time he comes back he will he more wiser.

You're power level numbers are to high. Frieza had a power level of 1.000.000 in his second form. Loaded up porbably about 12.000.000. You just added a 0 to many.

Also SSJ4 is part of GT wich i do not count since it wasn't made be the original creator of dragon ball.(and it sucked to be honest) Even the Buu wasn't(wich showed).

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think-man said:
Vigetto because they can just keep wishing him back, and every time he comes back he will he more wiser.


Which means he will have some Kryponite. Someone should just shoot him with a kryptonite bullet, then lock him in a kryponite cage and bury Superman alive. Done.


AFter watching the movie, I do not think anything can stop him.


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What about the new super sayan god

spurgeonryan said:
think-man said:
Vigetto because they can just keep wishing him back, and every time he comes back he will he more wiser.


Which means he will have some Kryponite. Someone should just shoot him with a kryptonite bullet, then lock him in a kryponite cage and bury Superman alive. Done.


AFter watching the movie, I do not think anything can stop him.


Should kryptonite be a factor? It was in the Goku Vs Superman DeathBattle but without it, all the Z fighters would still be an outside chance at best.

Vegeta alone though would win, the rest just get in his way!

The figures from Death Match are pretty worthless. Basically, they took Goku's speed from the time he was training with king kai, and they amplified it to his SSJ4 form. So, if Goku didn't get any stronger and faster since his fight with Vegeta, they'd be accurate on speed. Obviously, Goku was way stronger by the end of the series.

For Goku's durability, they took that from his fight with Cell, and in a kind of awkward way. So, again that figure is off. For strength, they took that from his lifting power on one random page of manga from before the Buu Saga.

As for who would win in a fight, Vegetto... most of the time... Superman's strength has fluctuated wildly over the years in the comics. In comics there are tons of different authors with different interpretations of the character, so it's hard to really talk about Superman's power as a static thing. At his full strength Superman could beat Vegetto (or pretty much anyone else) with ease, but if you pick up a random Superman comic, take Superman from that one, and pit him against Vegetto, he's generally going to lose.

Lol people I love how serious you are about this

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I think Goku vs Superman would be a tie. Goku was at planet destruction level when he fought Freeza, by the time he's ssj4 he's exponentionally more powerful than that time, in his normal form. He just constantly has to hold back because he would probably destroy solar systems if he was to truly go all out. Plus he needs oxygen to survive. Superman's invulnerability varies from writer to writer, but some pretty average villains have been able to put a hurtin on ol' supes without any kryptonite. I think supes would have the edge, until Goku pulled some sick new technique out of his ass, then they would both end up too exhausted to finish the fight. Same with Vegetto. Superman can stand toe to toe with almost anyone. Just like Goku, he somehow always seems to rise to the occasion.

On another note.....If you haven't seen the Man of Steel, go see it, that is what a live action DBZ fight should look like, except more fireballs of course!