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Battlefield 4 43 23.37%
Killzone ShadowFall 116 63.04%
Neither(Well thanks for a... 25 13.59%

Killzone: Shadowfall for me, without doubt. It's just going to be a much deeper single-player experience, I think. I love how open some of the maps are that they've shown. Battlefield 4 will obviously be very multi-player centered, if you like that, though I'm willing to bet that Killzone will also have fun multi-player.

Of course, I don't care for Military shooters. Science fiction based games are my forte.

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Who the hell plays battlefield for single player? They're terrible and completely asinine.

They don't even NEED to include single player tbh, Battlefield is always about multilayer and it is miles ahead of the competition.

There is a reason it is label the best flight sim to come out in years... that's right, a FPS is the best flight sim to come out in year, battlefield is like 3 games in one, and DICE must use black magic to get it done.

wait until we know more about both and then you can maybe decide by yourself.

I don't like Battlefield but I love Killzone 2 and 3.... so Killzone from my preferences..

Added a poll
As for the multiplayer, ya I plan on playing a fare bit of multiplayer. Though I also enjoy sp campaigns too. I usually finish that before jumping into mp.

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bananaking21 said:
i prefer killzone so much more

Why oh why b-king?

Well Killzone's multiplayer will be dead within a month so if you want any value then get BF4.

Oh com'on people, don't vote with your fan glasses on.

Why do Sony fans always have to try and sell the exclusive even before an obviously superior alternative?

depeneds. if you like maps with vehicles, the BF would be your best bet. i like KZ better as a shooter though, but there is much we don't know about KZS at this point.

wait to hear more, or by Starhawk.

eFKac said:

Battlefield will have the same multiplayer as the third entry, if you liked it than you won't be dissapointed. Also the single player campaign seems to be very similar, so a lot of eye candy and scripted events, to cater to the Call of Duty crowd, for me personally it is like non-existent.

Killzone SF will definitely exceed in single player campaign, but we pretty much don't know anything about the multiplayer component now, and given how much the single player changed since Killzone 3, we really don't know what to expect. There is also the thing of what you prefer technical-wise, cause Battlefield will be 60fps with sub-par visuals, Killzone SF 30fps with better visuals, from the gameplays it looks like a rock solid 30fps stable framerate, so I would go for the latter, but that's just me.

Damn,my standards must be pretty low. I thought cod ghost looked good xD