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Blood_Tears said:

1,641,991 = 2 Million?

I don't think it is "trolling" to state this is likely the ceiling for Microsoft with the X1 in Japan.  So, let's say they can expect to sell 100K a year at best.  Is it worth it to subsidize a region like this?  I know money is not an issue for them, but this is a business and resources could be spent better elsewhere, like NA and EU where they have had success of varying degrees.

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I just hope they only get timed exclusives, so that I won't miss out on anything good.

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Looking forward to TGS hope we get some exciting announcements.

thats good news

They went hard with the exclusive and timed exclusive JRPGs last gen, but most (I think all) of them tanked. What will they do this time around? Japan is really handheld heavy compared to the beginning of this gen, so it'll be interesting to see how much MS is willing to invest in the region.

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Don't even bother launching in Japan. Jesus.

Horrorfest said:
Don't even bother launching in Japan. Jesus.

i agree it's pointless

Well considering they already have games like Metal Gear Solid 5, Crimson Dragon, D4, Final Fantasy 15 & Kingdom Hearts 3 all games coming from well known japanese game creators and opened up Microsoft Osaka few years ago as well...I can`t possibly see them not having some more to show from their own studios and 3rd parties as well.

Namco Bandai, Konami & Capcom have yet to say anything next gen other than Dead Rising 3 & MGS5. Square-Enix worked with Microsoft too on Infinite Undiscovery last gen.

Keep in mind Microsoft owns Infinite Undiscovery, Lost Odyssey & Blue Dragon.

Maybe we`ll finally get more news on Kingdoms Under Fire 2? A man can hope right? XboxOne/PS4 KUF2 announcement would be awesome!

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Chris Hu said:
Lost Odyssey 2 make it happen. I would even be happy with a sequel to Blue Dragon.

The story is just sitting there to be written or made into a game! It was an awesome game too. Should look good on the X1... If it happens.

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