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Even though the console isn't coming out in Asia in 2014, Major Nelson confirms they will be at TGS. I wonder if they opened up that wallet again for Japan support or will this be the debut of Microsoft Studios Osaka.



@sidshuman @CheapyD @michaelpachter Anytime David! See you at TGS.

More info:

Phil Spencer already confirmed they'll be at TGS in that gamespot interview


And apparently MS execs told gamewatch reporter that XBO is coming later this year in Japan, just not in Novemeber ...so December?


Also japanese Forza 5 page is up. http://forzamotorsport.net/ja-JP/FM5/Default.aspx

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I'm going to call it.

Idolmaster 3 exclusive to Xbox One.


naaaa, just kidding. That'll never go back to Xbox. 


If Microsoft wants to attack Sony at its roots, then they have to attack in Japan. It certainly won't be enough to win Japan, but getting japanese exclusives will also pay off in western territories.

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You can play as an octopus, though!

typo or is xbone not coming to asia until 2015? ..i'll assume typo.

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No no they just are just wasting money..
PS: I tought Xbox will be released late 2014, maybe you meant not coming in 2013

Buying up more jrpg's confirmed?

Now that's interesting. Could they have some Japanese exclusives planned? Why bother? I don't think there is any way at all Japan is going to go for the XO.

This will probably be for appearances and not much else.

Maybe it will be launching there early 2014?

Well that's an interesting one, getting in there pretty early.

With MGS5; FFXV and KH3 they are at least on equal footing with any/everything Sony have shown for Japan so far, which is a good thing for them I suppose.

Then again, this generation taught us that even with a price AND games advantage, it still wasn't enough. I wonder if there's any tricks they'll be able to pull out of the hat to change that this time around - I suspect it'll be harder for them to get the exclusive support they had, so it would take something extraordinary.

I also wonder what Sony have to show for Japan. Famitsu was hinting at a PS4-Japan-Event coming before TGS.