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superchunk said:
Baron said:

Games' price tag isn't bullshit imo. The 700-2000 PC price tag can be easily offset by the amount of games a person buys per year. Say ~10 games a year. ~50 games across 5 years. That's a total of 500 discount on games alone. Even with a 1000 dollar PC, which will get you a very decent Game-PC, that will still put you below the total costs of the PS4 with 5 years of PS+ and 50 games.

Game price can't alwasy be looked at as the starting price tho. I almost never buy a game at full price. I wait for sales or buy used nearly all the time.

PC games drop in price the fastest. I bought Tomb Raider not 2 months after release for 29.99.

"And like i have mentioned before that advantage is offset by all the free games you get with PS Plus and Live Gold."

Which you don't own and can't play if you don't keep paying for your subscription. So, they're not free at all.