Who here will be boycotting Xbone?

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NiKKoM said:
ViktorBKK said:

If the games cost at least 20 dollars/euros less than before, then I'm fine with online DRM. As a matter of fact, I don't like getting off the couch to swap discs.

Thats actually pretty interessting what you said there.. what if the games are 10 to 15 bucks cheaper on the Xbone then the PS4 because of the DRM? We have seen PC games go cheaper then their console counterparts.. we should make a thread about it..

Consoles have gatekeepers with them, and also restictions that prevent certain content from appearing.  There are barriers of entry involved with it.  Quality processes are in place also.  End result is that the PC games market is able to do what you don't see on consoles, with FAR more studios making stuff.   There are factors to drive down prices on the PC front that are not there with consoles.  So, you aren't going to get cheaper than now at all.

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I am definitely not buying it within the first year but i am not necessarily boycotting it but until it becomes a price i think it is worth or until they get rid of their terrible policies i will not buy their console. So i guess my answer is

Gojimaster said:

We as gamers have to stand up for what we believe in.  If M$ wants to take away used games, force DRM on us, and force an internet connection then we need to voice our displeasure with our wallets.  I understand some people are fiercely loyal to M$, and that is OK, but at some point we need to say enough is enough. 

 Hope you realize that you don't have to be "fiercely loyal" to MS to be getting an Xbox One.

A lot of people have nothing wrong with the new policies and see the great benefits of MS's approach.

And just because we buy the console, does not make us against consumer rights or ignorant sheep or any of that nonsense. It simply means we like the technology and overall games/experiences being offered.

I vowed not to get an Xbox one and i recommended all my friends to do the same. I tried selling my 360 but because its an old model the shops dont buy it anymore. One last thorn microsoft set. I bought a PS3 2 weeks ago and i will buy a PS4 at some point in the future.

Wii U is also a possibility, but Xbox no more. I bought the first two but Microsoft was very clear in saying they dont care about my needs anymore.