Who here will be boycotting Xbone?

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edite: i'm not boycotting it. It just does not offer what i want and i believe  the ps4 offers the better value.

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Boycott... Lol. I remember the Ubisoft boycott... Now look at them.

I'll get my Day ONE edition Xbox ONE! It's already all paid for as is my internet.

I've already made the switch.

The other 10 people I know personally with xbox360's are all of the same opinion.

Microsoft can go to hell with their "vision" for console gaming.



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You do a boycott to send a company a message and change things.  Myself, as of now, based on what I saw all around, I am passing on the ONE at this point.  I don't care to try to send Microsoft a message, as they haven't shown signs they would listen.  I will say, if they freakin' listened, MAYBE Game Room wouldn't of been the abomination it turned out, or they could of at least unlocked Sunset Riders.  

people are making a way too big deal out of this DRM stuff.

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I've never owned an xbox but this seems like a must have product, for ignorant soldiers.


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i'm not boycotting it. not going to buy it, or the ps4. atleast until FF15.

I will never buy a physical product that I do not own. Period. I can't believe some people using the line: I pay for my internet, as a good reason to support a company restricting your consumer rights. You can no longer sell your games if you are in a pinch and need some quick cash. You can no longer let your buddies borrow your game for a couple days to convince them to buy it. No more craigslist or ebay for XBox One. I just don't get it. That's like me not being able to loan or sell a dvd or a cd. They even said you wont be able to loan or borrow games on day one, so they might never allow it. What type of message are we sending to these large companies when we support practices meant to restrict us and our freedoms?

i definitely will not buy it unless if the remove the anti consumer

Didn't we used to boycot Ubisoft and Activision and promised not to buy their games? How did those boycots ended? Did we win?


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