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Taken from GAF:

"When you boil it down, we would love to be everywhere, but we're just starting out," Emslie explained. "It comes down to quality, not quantity. We have a fantastic relationship with Microsoft. It just boiled down to, okay, how can we hit this as hard as can and get it on as many platforms as possible and deliver the quality, the 60 hertz, out of the gate? That was the goal.

"We of course would want to go further in the future with stuff, but we're just starting out. It's pretty frustrating! We want to be everywhere. We want to put Titanfall everywhere, but that's where we're at. We're starting there."


Let's put it plainly: will PlayStation owners ever see Titanfall?

"It's definitely not out of the question," Emslie replied. "We have a huge appreciation for the fans. Coming out and showing it to everybody, we're super nervous and wanted to make sure everybody loved it. We love all our fans, whatever console they support.

"So yeah. We want to make everybody happy, but this is where we're at right now."


Should be a no brainer seeing as how it's published by EA and as we saw with KH3 and FFXV, the third party exclusives have gone the way of the Dinosaurs. Question is, how long was the timed exclusivity deal for? My guess is 12 months.

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im pretty sure its just a timed exclusive. though i wont be waiting and ill be playing this on my PC

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This was already know. Cboat leaked this a while ago.

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Just like Mass Effect and Bioshock... it's a timed-console-exclusive. It will come to PS4 for sure.

You can get it on PC and 360 on launch day.... So theres no need to buy an Xbox One for it anyways.

It will be on ps4. But I'll check it out on pc.

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It was timed exclusive confirmed... the point is how much time? One year?

it most likely will happen, it looks like a time-exclusive ...this is EA we're talking about there's no way they'll turn down potential profit. Specailly if the PS4 really takes off like most people are predicting.

PC, 360 and Xbone. The Game looks fantastic, gamers will choose the 360, PC versions over the Xbone one, I am wishing.

Hmm, this title is likely best enjoyed on PC anyway, FPS on consoles is a no-go. But it might end up on the PS4, which would be cool for those who want it without owning a rig or One, the game certainly looks entertaining enough.

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It was obvious from the start that this was a timed exclusive. About a year after it releases on The One it will release on the PS4.