Edge: DRM-free PS4 is a PR play expect similar policies across both consoles, say sources

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Lmao. Let me guess, the source is one of MS's 1st party studios. Sony's stance is official now, guys, they announced it at E3. Nothing to see here but MS fans hopes and dreams. Go home.

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There will be nothing like the Xbox system on the PS4

Before Xbox One was announced, people said "It's just rumours, it won't happen anyway"
When Xbox was unveiled and all that DRM Horror became confirmed, people said: "Sony will have it too, you'll see."
Now that Sony officially anounced no DRM, people still say it's going to be there. I guess you can't talk with those guys. They will always say that the PS4 will have the same DRM at some point and as they always speak of the future, they can never be proven wrong. However, the thing is, even if DRM would come to PS4, it wouldn't make the Xbox One better in any way. It would be a sad day for gamers. For EVERY gamer.

But I don't buy it. PS4 is just a really good console. It is superior to Xbox One in every way, there's no denying it. You could say you like the games on Xbox One more, as that's purely a matter of personal taste. But when it comes to Hardware, Microsoft just fucked up. Sony made almost everything right with the PS4 and they deserve all the praise in the world. Why almost you ask? Well, I think PS Plus for Multiplayer is a really bad decision and I don't like it. But well, you can't have everything. Used games, no region lock, superior hardware power and whatnot. Count me in.

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I kinda wondered about this, I see the developers getting behind MS where they can as it's in their interest for Microsoft's policy to work as Microsoft will take care of DRM for them where with Sony they look like the bad boys and will probably have to supply and support the servers fir DRM themselves.

Problem with this is it's obvious PS4 is gonna sell more and they can only ignore PS4 for so long - my concern is this gen developers have had to work hard to make gamers not trade their games in - in terms of giving us plenty of online modes, DLC etc but will Microsofts policy put the ball in their court too much and make them lazy?


Well I was thinking the same thing until Sony came out after their conference and laid out their policy will be the same as the ps3.

But I do think more developers will be implementing drm, we already know ms created xb1 system based off of developer wants and feedback so it would only stand to reason the developers are going to do what they need to do to protect their property.

Well when someone gets a ps4 let us know what the disc asks you to do when you pop it in, until then let's just all enjoy the great games that are going to becoming out for both systems.

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Oh, man, it really is hilarious to watch people attempt to spin something negative. This has been clarified and explained over and over.

Sony seemed pretty clear about it. would suck if they did back pedal a little bit. With that said if its not official it may not be true.

What a load of nonsense this is! Just how many times does Sony have to explain how their policy is not even close to the one Microsoft is trying to shove down people's throats?

Microsoft is the one who wants this DRM to be on the console NOT third party publishers. Stop kidding yourselves!

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If this is true, Sony may have spouted-out the biggest lie in E3 history. Not surprised, but I wish this issue could be settled, and just disappear. Instead of clarity and progress, it feels like it's back to square-one.

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They wont back pedal - they'll just leave it to devs / publishers to implement at their own cost rather than getting involved. I genuinely feel that Devs will have to see it Sony's way because sales wise i think this could be PS2 / Xbox all over again.