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When will you be getting the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros?

Day 1 94 55.62%
In October 9 5.33%
Before the end of the year 10 5.92%
In 2015 2 1.18%
Never, I'm waiting for the Wii U version 52 30.77%
I've updated the thread with a bit more information such as the confirmed characters and the Mega Man reveal video.

Now, let's go wild... who do you think will be back? Who do you want as a new character?

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TruckOSaurus said:
I've updated the thread with a bit more information such as the confirmed characters and the Mega Man reveal video.

Now, let's go wild... who do you think will be back? Who do you want as a new character?

Hey Trucks, I hope you don't mind this ridiculously long list. But I just made it, and this thread is the perfect place to post it :)

My top 10 new Smash Bros. characters:


10. Geno

A mysterious and powerful wooden doll, Geno made his first appearance in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars as one of Mario's allies. Since his introduction in that game, he's accumulated something of a cult status. If Geno appeared in Smash Bros. he would be quick and powerful, but would take damage easily. His moves would include Geno Beam, Geno Whirl, and Geno Blast.

9. Ghirahim



One of the main antagonists in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Ghirahim would be a welcome addition to the Smash Bros. roster. Agile, powerful, and equipped with a sword, he would fit in with other characters like Link and Marth. Apart from his mastery with swords, Ghirahim could use in Smash Bros. the moves he employed in his fights with Link, such as teleport and throwing knives.

8. Lloyd Irving


Since Namco Bandai is working on the new Smash Bros. game, it's possible that the gaming company will lend one or more of its own characters to the roster. The ideal candidate would be Lloyd Irving, the main protagonist of Tales of Symphonia, which debuted on Gamecube in Japan in 2003. Lloyd's moveset from Symphonia, which includes Demon Fang, Sonic Thrust, and Sword Rain, could be borrowed wholesale for the upcoming Smash game.

7. Samurai Goroh



Samurai Goroh has actually already made an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a computer-controlled Assist trophy, but he deserves full billing as a playable character. Goroh is Captain Falcon's nemesis from the F-Zero series; he made his first appearance in a comic that came with the original SNES game. Goroh wields a katana and is surprisingly agile considering his large frame.

6. Chibiterasu



In a game filled with mortal gladiators, why not add a little divine inspiration? Enter Chibiterasu, son to the goddess Amaterasu who saved Nippon from darkness in Okami. Chibi is a hero in his own right, and his small frame and powerful "Celestial Brush" attacks would make him a unique character in Smash Bros. His standard attacks would come courtesy of the divine instrument on his back; his special attacks would include Power Slash, Cherry Bomb, and Inferno.



A few years ago the idea of Bayonetta as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. would have been ludicrous, but in 2013 it's not so crazy after all. Bayonetta 2, which had been scrapped and left for dead by Sega, was revived by Nintendo. It's now a Wii U exclusive title. So maybe Sega and Platinum Games will lend the character to the Smash Bros. development team. Her awesome weapons, incredible combos, and demonic powers would make her a popular fighter.

4. Krystal


For most of her career as a video game character, Krystal has played a secondary role. She was mostly a damsel in distress in her premiere game, Star Fox Adventures, and then a playable character only in multiplayer in Star Fox Assault (pictured above). In Smash Bros. she could fight with a staff and with a sidearm, and use her telepathic abilities to disrupt other combatants. The danger with Krystal is making her another clone of Fox or Falco, so Sakurai and his team would need to be careful.

3. Bowser Jr.


There are already a bunch of Super Mario characters in Smash Bros.: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, to name a few. So why one more? Well, the series could use a few more light characters, like Pichu, Diddy Kong, and Young Link. Bowser Jr. fits the bill. He's short, quick, and devious. He could throw Koopa Shells, ride around in a personal Koopa Clown Car, and, of course, wipe out his opponents with the Bowser Shell from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

2. Zack & Wiki


As one of the best and most underrated Wii games of all time, Zack & Wiki deserve an encore. Making them a playable duo in Smash Bros. would provide just that. Zack, a would-be pirate, and Wiki, a mystical golden monkey, make a great twosome in Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure; they would make a great twosome going up against more famous characters like Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Kirby.

1. Little Mac


Like Goroh, Little Mac has already made an appearance in Smash Bros. as an assist trophy. But he deserves much more. He's been the main character in three Punch-Out!! games on three different systems, but he's never been given a shot as a playable fighter in Smash Bros. It's somewhat bewildering that Mac has been snubbed so many times. The character is owned by Nintendo, he's beloved by fans, and he's a boxer. Just add him in already.

Trailer was great and Wii U version looks nice. As for characters I wasnt anywhere near as excited by the Mega Man reveal as I was about the Sonic one (although his little trailer was epic). Still have my fingers crossed for a Sonic return!


@Veknoid: Great collection of characters! All plausible choices.

I think Little Mac has the best chance of appearing since the trailer features a boxing ring stage.

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I want Shulk (Xenoblade) as a playable character!

Lloyd Irving
Bowser Jr
Baby Bros
X character
Mewtwo(and new form)

Shulk, Lloyd, Viridi, Isaac from Golden Sun, Travis Touchdown, and Ghirahim. If only one makes it, that will be my main.

Estelle and Adol... best characters ever! XD

Man the Link on the trailer looks badass. Let's hope the next Zelda game has that artstyle.

As for the characters I want:

- At least 1 more F-Zero character (Samurai Goroh or Black Shadow would be great)
- Ghirahim
- Lucina or Chrom (Fire Emblem)
- Waluigi
- Mewtwo
- Isaac or Felix (Golden Sun)

Nintendo and PC gamer

Noooice!! Megaman is my new main. I don't care about Zero, now they need to add Ridley as a bad guy for Samus.

Which version are you guys getting? I'll probably get the U one just for controls, but since I only own a 3DS I may just get that one, you guys?