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Are you jumping out because of the loss of free multiplayer?

Yes 191 17.83%
No 708 66.11%
See Results 172 16.06%

$399.99? Exclusive games I want? KH3? FFXV? More like jumping up and down then out. ;)


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Im not jumping out because:

1) No drm.
2) $100 less
3) PSNplus enables only multiplayer (+ the xtra goodies)
4) cheaper than XBL
5) You can still subscribe to other services without PSNplus like Netflix etc.

I really wished PSN would stay free, but I don't have a problem paying for it because this console is not anti-gamer like MS/X1.

makingmusic476 said:
This announcement went right over my head. Sneaky bastards.

It's bullshit, and is entirely unneeded.

PS+ is worth it the price on its own to many, many people. No need to fuck over the few that aren't interested by locking multiplayer behind its paywall.

/is PS+'d up for the next two years already

That turned out to be the whole point of whaling on Microsoft.

They snuck in one line about this RIGHT at the end of the teasing.

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Oh well. Was definitely hoping against it. But I've been paying for Xbox LIVE for years now so PS+ won't bother me. Will have to buy a couple years worth as soon as I can.

DAT $399, More powerful hardware and sleeker look though. 

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richardhutnik said:
mantlepiecek said:

Terrible decision by sony. The decision to get a PS4 which seemed so easy now seems very difficult. Can't buy something that will lock my game's component unless I pay every year, regardless of what I get in return because we already pay for the game in the first place.

So, is going with the Wii U now a no brainer because of this?  Or is it that you find that the XBox One is a better choice, or are you not doing any gaming online at all now?

Xbox One is out of question for sure. WiiU would be pointless for me, games like MGS5 and FF have very less chance of appearing on it. It is either PC or PS4. Maybe both later on in the generation.

Unfortunate though.

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Meh, PS+ has already sucked me in anyway. I never would have cancelled my subscription regardless, as long as it retained all of its current features.

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Jumping where? The WiiU? LOL

Question: What are the payment options?

Is there an option to join for a month at a time for $5? I'm hear there is, but a full year subscription comes at a discount for $50.

If that's the case, I'm all in. $50 for a couple months of play is too much, but $5-$10 for a month or two? That's fine. I just need a system that works for my gaming habits. (Single Player for 80% off the year).

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mibuokami said:
Disappointing news, thankfully I do all of my online gaming on the PC so this won't effect me. Still it was sneaky of Sony to sneak this in during the euphoric if $399, DRM-Free and Used game friendly announcements.

It was def pretty sneaky.  I guess at this point, between the two companies, Sony looks like the lesser of two evils.  Now the question becomes, what happens if Microsoft responds by dropping all DRM related items....  HIGHLY unlikely, but what if.

Would make it more interesting.  Only 100 difference.  Both require you to pay for online play.  Neither would have DRM....  Right now DRM is the difference (and to me a big one).

Just seems like this gen will pan out the same way as last, with everyone justifying what Microsoft is doing.  By next gen, Sony will have full DRM too and Microsoft will find yet another way to get in your wallet and control it.  Microsoft keeps upping the profit ante.

For what PS+ is, i'll gladly pay for subscription.

FYI for those mislead, PS+ is required only for online play. Online services like Netflix DO NOT require PS+ subscription.


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