Will Wii Sports become the best selling game ever before 2009?

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I think it prob will since the Wii is on track to sell over 40 mln (# for current best selling game) by the end of 2008 (and that's assuming production doesn't increase).

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It sells at less than 1:1 with the Wii in Japan (1.3 to 5, at the moment), but yes, I think it will.

i think it will.

Well, roughly 16.5 million Wiis have been sold outside Japan, meaning roughly 16.5 million Wii Sports games. About 2-3 million Wii Sports have been sold in Japan, putting the game at (roughly) 18 million. So, as long as they don't switch it for another bundled game, then there's a good chance, yes.

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If sales trends continue it might happen. Its one of the many reasons why the wii is selling so well, the game is lots of fun with friends, and being drunk just adds to the fun

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o yea, I forgot about how Wii Sports is not bundled in Japan

Maybe. I think it will be close. It all depends on how many people in Japan buy it.

No. It won't.

^y??? It has a good chance and if not this year, then def early 2009

If Nintendo keep it bundled I don't see how it can't but since it's bundled with the EU/US consoles for free I don't think anyone outside the Nintendo faithful and hardcore really care.