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More internal storage. 512mb just won't be enough when Wiiware lauches.

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thekitchensink said:
wenlan said:
Chadius said:
@wenlan: You mean, the Wavebird, Nintendo's wireless controller? Then again they don't sell it in the US anymore...blarg

Yes.  Why don't they release a new controller that looks more like a Wii accessory? 

They have.  It's called the Classic Controller.

The current Classic Controller doesn't support GC games.  Plus, it has to be connected to a Wiimote, that's a bummer.

I don't think the classic controller supports SSBB either.  I guess that's why many Japanese bought a GC controller with their SSBB.


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classic controller does work with SSBB, as does gc controller, wii remote + nunchuck and wii remote on its own.



@Entroper, DSLover
I agree with the 4GB drive. That would have been plenty of space for wiiware and vc games.

You can play smash brother with the classic controllers.

My suggestion would not be for the wii itself, but the wiimotes. I wish they had a ds type battery built inside, so it wouldn't be such as much a battery sucker as it is now. My DS lasts for 15-18 hours typically, and my wiimotes only 10 hours.

@DSLover @izaaz101
Thanks! That's really great to know.

It (PS3's market share) might hit 30%, but definently not more. ~ Neo

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I'd like better graphics- actually scratch that... i'd like devs to use the wii hardware as well as they can...

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"What is the wii without motion controls?"

A great console that play games that aren't just mini-games.

 This bs is really getting tiresome. 

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Head set, yep Would love a head set for my Wii

^head set for what? online gaming?

More memory. The Wii should have had a hard drive, or at least some way to add on memory. Then CD and DVD playback. It would have been supersweet to have a nice little DVD player like that.