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Can't really say. I do not think you need a doctor; however, a medical building is a must.

Yeah I don't have one of those yet. I probably will once I move my house to Marshall though.

Glad to see you finally bought the game and seems to be enjoying it! ^^

Yeah, I'm loving it. It got so much better after I got to the church and started to figure out how everything worked. I don't know why, but the whole looting system is incredibly addicting (as is the rest of the game). I'm actually having almost as much fun in this as I had in Tomb Raider (which I think is the best game for fun factor this year).

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I'm 9h in and I didn't even left first town - still in the church :D This game will probably be the most popular XBLA game this year and one of the best selling ever - already over 345k.

I had to kick one of my main characters out of the base because he was sick I couldn't come to grips with just shooting him in the head. Now it says he is missing so I'm guessing I may run into him again. Hopefully if he survives he isn't hell bent on revenge. Anyone else run into this?

Also is there a way to get rid of an outpost if you put it in the wrong place?

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So I downloaded the Breakdown DLC a few days ago but only got around to trying it out today. It basically gives the game a sandbox mode with an ever increasing difficulty and reliance on supplies. Played it for a few hours today, fuck is it harder than the regular game. I died like 4 times already. I unlocked my first "hero" today, and started using him after my main character died. He also died a few missions into area one. Then I start a new game, and he spawns in a different spot. I literally run maybe 30 meters and I am attacked by a feral zombie. The DLC mode seems to have you take a ton more damage and get sick/hurt status a lot easier so you have health/stamina penalties easier. I got pegged a couple times when I spawned so I was already hurt when I ran into the feral zombie, he literally grabbed me and due to my low health, just ripped me in half. Like 2 minutes into the game, it was over and I had to respawn. Awesome. I think the DLC just made this my game of the year.

Anyways, 360/PC people, check out the DLC if you haven't already.

Had this game on my radar for a while, I guess I'll add it to my Steam wishlist. The increase in difficulty/challenge definitely makes it more appealing :)