SquareEnix in love with Sony right now?

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Square enix doesn't deserve the help, should have spend the time for other devs.


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hmmm, I wouldn´t call it love.
The japanese Square side seems to like Sony very much (despite FF XIII going multiplat)...with the huge exception being the Vita (Army Corpse of Hell and FF X HD in contrast to Kingdom Hearts 3D and Bravely Default on the 3DS) and Eidos is a multiplat publisher....., Enix on the other hand has a strong relationship with Nintendo (Dragon Quest is exclusive since 2006, Nintendo handling the publishing in the West)

Sony and Square get along very well, but they aren´t as close as they were once (PSX)

Square Enix is almost irrelevant these days. Except for the Western Games and those had exclusive deals with MS.
FF brand decreased just as much as the Playstation brand in the past years.

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Um....when haven't they been?


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