What was the longest and hardest game you played?

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The longest it took me to beat a game is unknown. The game itself is MS Saga: A new Dawn. The clock said 99:59 when I was in the middle of the game, and it never went up. The hardest game is a tough question. I'm going to say Super Mario Sunshine. Getting all the blue coins with no guide or FAQ was really tough.

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I newer times, it's Etrian Odyssey. Played so many hours.

Might and Magic on Genesis...played for month and never was able to finish it.

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Alone in the dark on 3DO was hard too.

It's all about People

pichu_pichu said:
Hardest game I played was original zelda...

 Agree, the hardest game i've ever played is the legend of zelda, but the second challenge ( i don't remember what it was called, when you finished it once and then continue the same file )

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I haven't really played any game that was harder for me than any other but the one that was the longest for me, because I spent so much time playing it, was Pokemon Crystal.

Hoshigami Ruining Blue Earth.

Has anyone beat this game?

It's a strategy RPG where unless you spend like a couple hours level grinding between stages where you are....

A) Out-leveled
B) Out equiped
C) Out numbered 4 to 1
D) If someone gets killed they are dead (unless you have revival magic

I have played Melee the longest - excellent replay value

I started another thread that isn't limited by these two you could add any like best,worst,shortest, and most fun. Its this thread http://vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?id=16189&start=0#end

Battletoads was hard as hell. Earthworm Jim was pretty hard. Journey to Silias. Batman for the NES. Blaster Master was hella hard and very long.