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no one mentioned Command and Conquer - Hell March yet o.O

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Nothing can beat the legend of zelda theme. Every rendition makes me want to cry...sniff...

Then I kick ass and kill ganon!!!




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Yakuzaice said:
All the music from Shadow of the Colossus. I like a bunch of other pieces as well, but as a whole, SotC really stands out.

BenKenobi88 said:
Luckily, almost all my favorite videogame music will be in Brawl haha.

OOT music, the MGS3 theme (dunno if that's in Brawl, but whatever), the Metroid Prime opening song, as well as other Metroid Prime music. And the Brawl theme, in Final Destination form...man I can't stop listening to that already.

Shadows of the Colossus is great...I really like the battle songs.

What these upstanding gentlemen have said.




I like the music on Killer7. Very soothing compared to the madness that is going on in the game.

American McGee's Alice. Forsaken had a great soundtrack though 'pure bitch power'

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The Super Mario Brothers theme is the greatest piece of videogame music ever. Everybody, even my mom, knows the music. Plus, it is an awesome song.

Terra's theme from Final Fantasy VI hands down for me. Greatest memories in my 20+ years of gaming come from that one game.

Hoping it comes to the DS or future Nintendo Handheld in the coming years.

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Ooh lots:

The Temple of Time music from OOT and TP.

The Hyrule Field Music in OOT

The Field Music in Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

The Main Screen Music in Halo 2

And my all time favorite:

The Theme Song for Sonic Adventure 2: Battle- Live and Learn

SSBB will probably have my fave music when it comes out, the trial songs on the dojo have been amazing.



brawl will have my favorite music too
I listened to those music on youtube everyone of them and they are all amazing.