Why do you want to leave, have left, or are thinking about leaving this site?- This thread has helped fix the database, you can all thank our one and only game admin now!

Forums - General Discussion - Why do you want to leave, have left, or are thinking about leaving this site?- This thread has helped fix the database, you can all thank our one and only game admin now!

Think to yourselves, "Why did I sign up here in the first place?" Did you really not know what you were getting into?

Sales discussions

Console wars

Stealth and real trolling

Stealth fan boys, plain site fanboys, etc.

So sit back and think next time, this is what you wanted. So why are you all of a sudden not happy with what you signed up for?

Let's get through this E3 and the PS4 and Xbone launches and everything will be alright.

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because... it takes away gaming hours? :P


I think about leaving because I never win the "VGC Most Popular User" competitions. I am convinced that shit is rigged.

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getting banned for saying "my country kicked your country's ass" and "people are too stupid to realize they are getting ripped off". Is really getting me down.

To much guys in here.


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Some people can't cope with the stress of this forum.

just saying something someone doesnt like and get a ban. i went from everyday to once in awhile every few days. Mainly around thursday for the updates. I spend more time on other sites not so ban happy.


Some times the extreme fan boyism gets to me... Not only are some people unreasonably over excited with their console of choice, but they feel the need to bash the other console(s). Trolling fan boys flaming. That's it.

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why the heck am i here lol... i can't even tell you. i think most i just like seeing gaming news. while i dont care for the hypocrisy in fans and blind weird loyalty they have it is what it is.

Petty console wars has clouded way to many people's personalities on this site. We all like games but for some reason I see a lot of people with some weird fetish of a brand rather than liking games. Now when I say this, I am not associating every single person with this persona, but there is a large group of these type of people on here. The lack of respect they show towards each other is ridiculous to say the least. That was the number one reason for me leaving. And sure people can defend it by saying that it is the internet and this site is created for such things blah blah blah. But at the end of the day you have control of yourself and you make your own choices, so when i see all the petty arguing over this is better than this and this is horrible because of this and the complete lack of respect towards people's opinions is ridiculous. I even had private messages being sent to me saying I was horrible for even liking the Xbox brand and that I was ruining the industry because I supported them etc That is what it came down to.

While no I have not left completely I am staying out of the forums for reasons I've mentioned.  I stay here now for the news rather than listening to people's input.  It has become predictable based on products rather than what the news actually says.