Is anyone excited for the PS4 and XboxOne anymore, because I'm starting to feel overwhelm?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is anyone excited for the PS4 and XboxOne anymore, because I'm starting to feel overwhelm?

No, I'm still excited for this upcoming gen.

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wfz said:
Suke said:
UPDATED!! Sony employees acknowledge the people who are worries about the PS4 having DRM on twitter.

But they haven't actually confirmed anything. Just that they're happy to see passionate fans. Sony is likely to sugarcoat their DRM / used game inhibitors as *much* as possible in order to avoid backlash. 

Read between the lines. This is as close as you can get to an official confirmation that DRM isn't being implemented.

Now, online passes? I'm sure that will continue. It's up to the publishers.

I'm still happy with this generation to be honest, what with all the great games coming out. I might as well let the dust settle on this next gen and hope all the dodgy problems with it go away. Also, i wish people would not treat Nintendo as last gen, it trades some power for innovation

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E3 should bring back some excitement.

Been a while since we saw actual game footage...Feb 20th.

Well PS4 is the way to go i may be a sony fan but i've had enough time with microsoft to realise that they have 4 tier games and sony has tonnes so i rather go with PS4 for the real games.

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NintendoPie said:
I'm actually old enough to not care about real life anymore and instead pay total attention to the internet, so yes, I'm still excited. I'll get to see the beginning and end of a Battle of Generations this time!

I'm so old I actually have Facebook


PDF said:
Nope, I am still super excited for next gen. Most of the recent news has not turned me off at all. I understand there is reason to be upset but Im not one of those people. I am the guy who bought simcity day one and still thinks its a fantastic game.

If I wasn't interested in next gen there is little Nintendo has done to convince me to buy the WiiU at this point. I would much rather just keep my PS3 as it seems all the same. Then again I am just not that interested in Nintendo first party games apart from Smash. So to each his own.

I kind of agree with you until you said Simcity. What EA did to Simcity, not just online DRM but the direction they took the game is what makes me skeptical of the future. I'm still excited for many of my other favorite games but I do worry online drm and dumbing down will cause me to lose interest. And If we have a repeat of the PSN hack disaster for either Sony or Microsoft and I can't play my games for 3 months because their servers are down, that will be it for me. Console returned/sold and refunds demanded. 

Unfortunately that wouldn't yet push me to the Wii U as I am not a fan of Nintendo franchises so I would just end up playing old games for a long time or not play at all. 

Sly IP is owned by Sony so it won't go to Nintendo. hahahaha

Zizzla_Rachet said:

I'm so old I actually have Facebook

Sheesh. That is old! No one uses FaceBook anymore.

And @ person who said Sly IP is owned by Sony... yeah, it is. What of it?

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I'm still very interested in the PS4. I just recently bought a Vita, and the integration with the PS4 sounds great(hopefully Sony don't screw it up). I'm looking forward to E3 to find out more.

The Xbox One is irrelevent to me as a gamer. They are completely looking to capture everyone with this console. Count me out. I really enjoyed my 360, but got tired of paying for xbox live. Ridiculous. And then they brought out ads. Ads. Unbelievable. I'm paying for this service, and you have the audacity to have ads. So, I have switched everything to my PS3. See ya Micro$oft. But, I left room to include the new xbox in case they wowed me with the new console. Yeah, no.

I think it was a mistake, especially for Microsoft, to show their consoles early. We have waited longer this generation, then any other, and we get weak reveals from the two giants in gaming(sorry Nintendo, you're out). Sony's is more forgivable, and even understandable, given the fact that it was in February. Microsoft's was just lame.

I'm still looking forward to E3, but not as much as I originally was. I'm hoping Sony have a great showing. And Microsoft have everything to prove. I don't think I am alone.