Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is 15 exclusive a lot for the first year of a console?

15 enough?

Yes 19 14.39%
No 16 12.12%
Depends on quality 64 48.48%
Depends on third party deals 0 0.00%
Depends on indies 0 0.00%
Depends how many Kinect 33 25.00%

So Xbox One announced 15 exclusive titles at their conference in its first year on market.  I'm thinking this means November to November so all the big holiday releases will be out.

 When examining this I am looking at WiiU a system people have labeled as "lacking software."  So it has, by my count so far, over 10 games already that could be considered exclusives (MH3 in a new version and such).  I don't think that sounds like a lot to be honest.  Now one big advantage both PS4 and One have to WiiU is the third party stuff to fill the gaps but still is 15 really that much?

Remember these can include Kinect, XBLA, and remakes (special versions that are only for that console)

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There are never too many games

Depends on quality. If it's stuff like Dead Rising 3, yes. If it's stuff like Funky Barn, no.

badgenome said:
Depends on quality. If it's stuff like Dead Rising 3, yes. If it's stuff like Funky Barn, no.

Why not? Funky Barn deserves to exist.

Quality will definitely be important but as far as quantity, this is not breaking any records. If these include 3rd/2nd party exclusives than it isn't much at all. Vita had more its first year.

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Wright said:

Why not? Funky Barn deserves to exist.

It's really going to depend. If they were all Halo or Uncharted quality, then that's undoubtedly noteworthy. However, I don't think anyone really anticipates that. They will probably range all across the board in terms of quality and direction. There is nothing bad about that, of course, but I don't know if that would necessarily be super impressive, either.

We'll just have to wait on the reveals.

I'm going to say no. I think the Wii had hundreds of exclusives. Some were AAA titles, like Mario Kart, Zelda, and so on - but many were shovelware like Kawasaki Jet Ski, Family Pirate Party, and 100-in-1 Megamix.

15 great exclusives would be amazing in any year. So yes, it depends on the quality.

badgenome said:
Wright said:

Why not? Funky Barn deserves to exist.

Don't give me that look xD

You love Flower. But there's people that believes Flower shouldn't exist, as it is a boring game and etc,etc. I don't agree. Games should exist, no matter what kind of genre or uniqueness goes along with it. What you might find boring, other people can find awesome.


I can understand that Funky Barn is not GOTY contender, but hey. I guess there's people who enjoy their farming simulations!

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It depends on what the exclusives are, as these 15 games could be literally anything

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