Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox One is the Greatest Entertaintment Device Ever Concieved. Microsoft have Outdone Themselves.

I don't have to wait for this thing to hit the market to know that it will be the best entertainment device.

I am not talking about CPU, GPU or RAM speeds here. I am talking about software.

Now, Bill Gates said years ago that "Software will be the single most important force in digital entertainment over the next decade".

Now I am starting to see what he meant by those words.

3 Operating systems.

When have you heard of any device using 3 operating systems.

1st operating system to help game creators to harness the computational power of the Xbox One.

2nd operating system will allow for apps such as skype and internet explorer to run while you are playing a game.

3rd operating system will alow for instant switching between games and apps.

Kinect is just a 3D camera without software.

Microsoft Time of Flight (TOF) Technology will allow the Kinect to read photons bouncing off of you at 13 Billionth of a second

to create unprecendented  accuracy and precision. Kinect can also detect if you have a tablet or the controller in your hand.

The thing can detect your heartbeat. All of this impossible without software. Very impressive.

Xbox Live

15,000 servers today for Xbox 360 and 300,000 ready for Xbox One on day one.

All of your games, game saves and movies saved to the cloud.

Dedicated Game DVR and editor to save and share your gaming moments to the world from the cloud.

Game developers can drive direct game computation from the cloud to allow for living and persistent game worlds.

Microsoft was making a big deal about TV because the experience will be amazing.

TV will change again forever later this year on Xbox One.

I can go on and on about the features of the Xbox One as they are many. But the point I want to get across is that without software all this

would be impossible and that no other entertainment device will be able to match the Xbox One because of the software that will drive the

Xbox One.

Microsoft have outdone themselves.



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Ok ok, but those it play games?

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You're right it does seem pretty awesome, all the "Negativity" is simply because it's funny how they didn't show many games, but stressed television instead. Of course e3 should show us some serious games, if not then that would be odd.



The greatest entertainment device ever created is the PC. I bet that even all those things were tested and developed in a PC.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

Damn you win. Xbox One is not only the best entertaintment device ever but the best tangable substance in existance. No way is the PS4 going to be able to compete with it. I mean it can't even skype while playing a game and clean my house so how could it compete. I guess you convinced me to buy the Xbox One no matter what the cost.... happy now.

Dude it's like your preaching about God to a bunch of Atheists, WE DON"T CARE!!!!

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Areym said:
Ok ok, but those it play games?

I think when you insert a game in the machine, it supposedly will start playing the game. Sounds bizzare, I know.


So the xbox one will end up like Wii. Bought by many but not enough gamers to buy lots of games. The reason I say that is because even some of the most loyal xbox fans since xbox 1 come out are disappointed.



After all these topics you have started, i'm curious if you are trying to convince us or yourself.

It's the greatest thing to come out since sliced bread.

I could have sworn that you already made this thread.