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Angelus said:
Areym said:
Yep, I am terrified about 15 unknown exclusives. Shaking in me boots.

Honestly, why would be I worried? It's 15 games on a console I have no intention of buying. Now the real question;

Are MS fans worried about Sony fans' indifference to the 15 exclusives xbox one games?

Honestly, this statement pretty much declares you as either a fanboy, or not a core gamer.

A core gamer will buy whatever platform has games that interest him/her, so if you can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would never buy an X1, without even seeing what it will have to offer in terms of games........

Well that's sad

Actually, I'm both. I am a Sony fanboy. Am I proud of it? Not really, but I own up to it. I am also a core gamer, both for the PlayStation and on my PC.

To clarify, I have no intentions on buying an Xbox one because of all of the anti-consumer policies and bullshit that were being reported shortly after the reveal. GRANTED, MS seems to have dispelled the used game fee which is a step in the right direction but they have not fully expanded on all of it.

It's that kind of mentality that puts me at odds with MS and the Xbox One. I can only hope the PS4 does not get any funny ideas. Besides, if the first xbox and 360 did not win me over, chances ares the Xbox one will not change my mind either. Last point, I saw the Xbox One reveal. I don't need a cable box, I need a next gen gaming console first and foremost and what I saw at the xbox reveal was MS pandering to everybody but gamers so excuse if i'm a little skeptical or negative on the Xbox one.

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No Im not worried. We dont yet know what mix of AAA hardcore, family and/or kinect games MS will be showing. Even if most of them are very high quality 85+ games, I still wont be worried. Regardless of any games MS delivers, I know and trust that sony will have some of their excellent titles will be returning (such as UC, R&C etc) and that we will see a whole bunch of new IPs. I have no doubt that I and most other playstation fans will be very satisfied with our offerings.

Let me the answer with different hats All that I do wear

Sony fanboy: A little worried, but reality sets in and I realize that these probably are not all huge AAA games. Some may be Kinnect or Xbox Arcade games.

Sony Stock Holder: Not that worried. Sony success with PS4 is in their hands not MS.

Gamer: Interested in the possible games, more interested on how much more fun this makes the Console wars.

Overall: I just don't care anymore maybe if it was 2006 when I had more passion I would.


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Most likely some exclusive DLC from EA lol

Similar could be asked of Xbox fans. With the PS4 currently showing five first party exclusives that are coming out for launch, three that actually look good, are Xbox fans worried?

The amount of exclusives don't matter if the exclusives aren't any good.

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WebMasterFlex said:

I predict a lot of fanboys will be shedding some serious tears after E3

When I look at this statement, I see a fanboy who shed serious tears after the Xbox One fiaco reveal. Many anger and all... we all know the many of the 15 exclusives will not be AAA games.

And don't forgot how people will boycott the product.....

First of all, I'm not a fanboy. I own just about every gaming console released in the past 15 years. I'll buy any system as long as there are games on it that appeal to me.

I was not upset by the X1 reveal at all. They said up front that they would focus on the games at E3, and that the reveal was going to be about their vision for the new console. The reveal did exactly that, and I was personally happy with what I saw.

As for your comment about people boycotting the product.....X1 is already #1 on amazon.de (a region in which Xbox isn't even very popular at all), and #1 on the wishlist for US and UK. I've also hear from friends that demand at big gaming stores like Game, and GameStop is very high. I think it'll be just fine

No i still wouldn't care, i refuse to buy into it's current problems and restrictions which won't go away when new games are announced

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Say 15 Exclusives is really not saying much...

I'm not a SONY fan... I really just play and don't really ever look in which platform, if the game is good.

But, I'll leave this here though... nobody should really be "worried", till the games are actually shown.

Because 15 exclusives could might as well mean 15 Kinect-EXCLUSIVE Experiences or w/e... see where I'm going with this?

What if those 15 games are... I don't know, Kinectimals Advance, Kinect's One Adventures, Halo, Gears of War, Kinect Magic, Kinect-Singing, Duty of Callers: World War II, Car Racer 2014, Forza, Madden Kinect Edition, Kinect Winter Sports, Kid Platform, Co-Op Zombie Master, Kinect Fashion, War Strategy RTS

Saying 15 Exclusives means nothing really at this point...

And the new franchises... we don't really know ANYTHING about them. We could have from generic FPS tittles, to being "exclusive" because they run Better With Kinect, as we could see the begining of new big amazing franchises...

But the point is: We have no idea

So, there's no reason to really be worried or exited or angry or happy about these games.

It's good to have new 8 IP's, but... what are they? And the exclusives... are they gamer targeted? Or are they Kinect Experiences Bla Bla...

Only time will tell, but don't try to rush things up (:

Why would I be worried? If they show any exclusives I want I can get the system at some point. It's not like the stores won't sell it to me cause I'm a Sony fan. Lol

Well those 15 exclusives look like a good number on paper ( and i agree it woul also look good on paper if sony say so)

But the question i aked myself is what are those 15 exclusives

are these mostly kinect titles ( which wouldnt be a surprise after we see how microsoft handled kinect the last years)
are this some small network games
how many of these games will get deleted or canceled

Should we fear it. I dont think so and i tell you why ( just speculation)

Super Stardust Delta Makers ( Super Stardust Sequel, New IP)
Naughty Dod ( Uncharted 4, The Last of us 2)
Media Molecule ( New IP)
Polyphony Digital ( Gran Turismo 6 maybe after PS3 Release, Gran Turismo 7 for the future)
Guerilla Games ( Killzone 4, New IP)
Santa Monica Studios ( New IP, God of War 4, some smaller network games)
Team ICO ( The Last Guardian)
Sony Japan ( Knack)
Sucker Punch (Infamous Second sun, new IP- yes Sucker Punch also has two teams)
Evolution Studios ( Drive Club)
MLB The Show 14
some Sport Game
some Dance game
some Party game
Final fantasy vs 13
Kingdom Hearts 3 ( rumours and exclsuive HD Collection are an indiacation)
Persona 5
Tales ofXilla 3
Yakuza 6 (if we take PS3 history for an example)
Sanzura Games ( Jak 4)
Ready at dawn ( new IP, could be exclusive because of the goof relationship between sony)
Insomiac Games ( Ratchet and Clank 4)
Summo Entertaiment ( Little Big Planet 3)
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
Heavenly Sword 2 ( rumours)
Sony Bend game (PS4 or pS vita title)
Agent ( what happened with that game)

Of course those are only speculation and most likely scenarios. But sony can easily say we have 30 exclsuive games in the works for the first year and it will also look good at paper. So in the end there is nothing we should or could fear. The only thing that depend for me is what i see with my own eyes. I dont give a damn what some guy on some conference promise ( Monster Hunter on vita say hello, do you remind the banners where it was listed for vita). Only cold hard facts are matters for me.