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With the Xbox One reveal being considered a disappointment by many, it’s not a surprise that the comment section of the Xbox YouTube channel has been hit by a vast amount of hate.

Microsoft were quick to block users from commenting, but not quick enough:


Above are a couple of examples of what can be found on the archived page.

Microsoft really needs to bring their “A” game to E3 if they hope to win back the support of gamers. They have told us (repeatedly) that games are going to be their main focus this year. Let’s hope they deliver and put an end to all of the hate.

See some of our thoughts on the Xbox One reveal here.

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can't say that I blame them..the backlash their getting is HUGE!

This just makes things look worse for them..

would do it as well. 90% of comments are only from people who try to talk shit about it and who were never interested in it.

youtube is so horrible if it comes to console war...and then you get always the pc guys who have to comment every console game and how bad it looks. like a big kindergarten. 

those people should learn to communicate "civilized" if they want to get listened

you do what you've got to do.

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Freedom of speech my ass. It's getting worst for Microsoft....

gooch_destroyer said:
Freedom of speech my ass. It's getting worst for Microsoft....

I don't think that someone who wants you to buy his surveillance system to be watched and listened 24/7 1984 style gives a shit about free speech-especially not if he has supported the damned Cispa bill

this system fits too perfect into obama/napolitanos "see something,say something" stasi campaign.



What is really interessting is that out of nothing several positive articles occured  to praise the xbox1-984 in the standard media-3days after the reveal.

And this is very strange because only videogame sites give a shit about consoles 3 days after reveal,standard media usually care 1hour about such a thing and will forget it within two hours and move on to usual business and you won't find another article about the consol until e3/release.

Even the huffington post-usually a well informed site with good balanced articles considering pros and cons(not the standard:praise israel,bomb iran bullcrap)you will find a 100% positive article about the xbox.And huffington post usually are the first to criticize several things the xbox1 has -long time before we ignorant gamers care about.

this smells very much like a coordinated marketing campaign to control damage.Wonder wether they also censor their facebook site,because the show is getting out of balance.Usually some antifanboys are always trying to bash on a site or channel but they are cleared out within 5 minutes by the supporters.This time many supporters are opposing them as well as they dislike several  things also and they have to censor.

I guess it is similar to EA's Sim City situation.

Nazisoft lol


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This actually makes it even worse. There are tons of other videos on other channels that MS can't control....
At least when people post negative comments they give the video views and increase awareness, now no one will be engaged in any sort of conversation at all (on that video). The best thing would have been to enable comments but have the a MS employee only approve the good ones.

Public Relations isn't that hard.

It is just a bunch of fanboys from the competition. It is a fact we all love the Xbone.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: