Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why do you think the Wii U will fail, when the 3DS came out of a similar horrible slump and even the Vita has stuck in the fight?

It does not make any sense to me. I know the sales are in the cellar, but we all thought the 3DS was the end of handheld gaming as well. Then boom! Nintendo made a few great choices and all was well rather quickly. It slowed down a bit in America, but that was just because the games slowed to a trickle yet again. But it was never going to look back after those few minor fixes.


The same can easily happen with the Wii U. A great E3, some worth while games, and some sly marketing campaigns could get it back on the right track. It just astounds me that it is given up on so fast. At this point in the 3DS lifecycle, it was still struggling. It was still pretty much struggling until that next Christmas, and even after that it needed some more damage control.


Some of you are just too impatient and hard on Nintendo. They only make games and cannot do what Big multimedia sony and Microsoft do, or even Apple for that matter.

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Why? Because it's losing to the Wii and Nintendo gave up on that system years ago.

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Because it's losing to the Vita and Sony gave up on that system years ago.

Because when you want a console to fail, it doesn't matter what kind of precedent exists, the system is bound to failure.

That's why we're on vgchartz, remember? To be biased and spurt out nonsense. You forgot?


Example argument I've been given:

  • It's not a Nintendo handheld so the 3DS rebound doesn't apply. No reason given, just some made-up rule.

I like where this thread is headed already.

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"There are like ten games a year that sell over a million units."  High Voltage CEO -  Eric Nofsinger

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Wishful thinking on their part.

Given the Wii U's current library, it is ridiculously overpriced. A mini game collection and a game that has similar versions on the much cheaper 3DS, DS and Wii consoles is not nearly enough to justify that price.

Wii Sports/Fit/Play, Mario Kart, 3D Mario, Super Smash Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, Mario Party and the likes should turn things around eventually.

What happened to the 3DS will happen to the Wii U if first party software comes around this holiday just like 3DS first party software came around last holiday

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it wont fail... because nintendo is delicious :P


The 3DS is up against the Vita. Tablets too, but pretty much has a monopoly right now on the dedicated handheld market.

The WiiU is up against 2 years of neglect of the Wii, the Xbone in america-the strongest console market, the PS4 and the PC.

And it has no games, the 3rd parties aren't supporting it because of the DRM issue.

The WiiU is a good concept with a horrible execution so far. The 3DS is a decent concept with everyone else floundering so it was like "huh I guess I'm ok after all"

I say wait till the games come out 1st. Then we can discuss stuff. But I think Nintendo made the WiiU solely to ride out the upcoming gen because they believe that the Western industry is going to crash to an extent.

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Because what you're calling "great choices," I call necessary choices. Without the price drop in 2011 and the re-model in 2012, the system wouldn't have taken off. Games helped, certainly, but it was those two business decisions that carried the day, and Nintendo paid a hefty toll for that price drop.

Yet at this point, Nintendo is both unable and unwilling to do the same things. They CANNOT drop the price without losing face, even if they could possibly afford to absorb the losses involved in that decision. And there are no obvious or well-worn criticisms of the console itself to be fixed in a re-model. Without a shift in the hardware element, they are not going to be able to maintain sales long-term, certainly not enough to reach their sales targets unless those change.

As for why the Vita is still in the game, it's because Sony is stubborn, and they've committed their prestige to it. In essence, they're in the same position Nintendo will be in with the Wii U if they don't turn things around or lower their expectations.

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