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Ps4 and maybe a WiiU a couple of years down the line

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Wii U + 3ds!

Just speaking of next gen consoles (I guess current gen, technically), I already have a 3DS. I plan on getting a Vita this year if the price drops. 100% getting a PS4 this year and may get a Wii U mid-late gen, depending on the games. No XBO for me.

PC, and probably either the XBOne or the PS4, and I'm leaning towards the latter. I don't want to play the PC-upgrade game, so it comes down to a function of pricing, power, and exclusives. Right now, with what I know, that's PS4, but that could change.

Edit: On the mobile front, possibly a 3DS, once the price drops. My DS is looking a bit sickly, so I might need to upgrade when it's cheap.

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I usually have all the consoles. This round, I already have the WiiU. Was originally going to get the next Xbox, but after yesterdays reveal...I"m passing on it for a while (maybe not even going to buy it). Most likely will get a PS4 (unless Sony somehow is able to screw it up worse than the Xbox One). Always will have the PC.

Hand held wise I'm good since I have a Vita and 3ds.

3ds, WiiU, PC.

I will still be on my Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 for a long time to come. I hope interesting vita titles show up, then I'll be on that too.  Ps4 and xfinity will have to have loads of games I can't resist to get my money, and the prices would have to be low.. And no fees for bullshit.  If they were BC I would more likely adopt but thats business.

All usually

wii u + ps4. If sony goes the same route as microsoft
i will be flipping to pc + wii u

For now WiiU+PC, might buy a PS4 down the road (or once KH3 releases).
Sidecombo of 3DS and PSVita