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I was pretty excited, but then after the show the interviews revealed the ugly truth about used games and online once 24h thing.

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Turkish said:

I was pretty excited, but then after the show the interviews revealed the ugly truth about used games and online once 24h thing.

The whole goddamn event was a dissappointment. Not the after show leaks.

I'm only disappointed in myself for ever doubting the rumors about always online. It was very clear that Microsoft was heading in this direction for some time now, but the firing of Adam Orth and the leaks indicating that there wasn't an always on requirement made me decide to give MS the benefit of the doubt. Never again!

I watched it because even though I'm a Sony fan I was curious to see what Microsoft had up their sleeve. I know more info will be coming at E3, but in all honesty. I thought the conference was pretty underwhelming.

I know I know, I have a Playstation sig so my opinion will probably be rejected, and that's fine. But as long as i'm here I want to get my opinion out there.

I felt the focus on TV stuff was completely unneeded. Real gamers aren't going to care, I don't even know if casuals will care since they can already watch TV on other devices. Not sure if being able to put an overlay for fantasy football over an NFL game is going to make people buy the system. I was stunned by the lack of games and especially actual gameplay from the games they did mention.

The Halo TV series was the most surprising/interesting part in my opinion.

I cant imagine anyone in there heart that isnt totally disappointed with what happened today, its a complete mess. There gonna have to make a lot of changes to turn this around at E3.

Its so anti gamer its unreal, the tag line being "By gamers for gamers" its just so bizarre that they thought this was true.

Anyway im off to bed, what a crap day for gaming

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I don't know, it was fine but it could be better. Maybe we were expecting too much from MS after the PS4 reveal.

Also, perhaps because there was no megaton such as PS4's "8GBDDR5", it felt less impactful.

I thought the thread title started with "Anyone..." but hey I can't blame you sir!

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

I liked the reveal, I liked how fast you can switch between games and tv and being able to record and edit gaming footage. But then, all the other stuff came out, always connected and used game "Fees", and also this:

Why would I want to pay extra for the live tv functionality? I hope that it's just a rumor, but if it's not then I am for sure not buying Xbox One.

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Why don't you like anti consumer policies?

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