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endimion said:
[quote=Goddbless]I think the group chat through Skype has a lot of potential. I can't wait to see all the exclusives, and unlike some people here I hope there are a few that are for XBLA.

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now I can finally video chat with the fam without stopping my gaming session :D

would that even be enjoyable? lol i just feel like it would be distracting and my family would probably get annoyed that i didnt care enough about them to stop gaming so we could talk.

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I like the way it's going to save me a heap of money.

I spent about $5000 on Xbox stuff this gen.

Now Sony and Nintendo can once again fight for my hard earned dollar.



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I loved that you could multitask. That was a awesome feature cause sometimes I like to see what's coming on TV and play games.


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1. A 20x increase in the number of servers. 300,000 servers is massive and it addresses one of the biggest complaints about Xbox Live (P2P gaming) which will be a thing of the past..

2. The new controller having a good d-pad and many other enhancements most notably the impulse triggers.

3. Kinect actually working like what was originally promised and in some ways exceeding it by being able to tell your heart rate, etc..

4. More first party games in development for Xbox One than has ever been in development for Xbox 360 at one time.

5. No waiting for games to load and the ability to switch between them instantly.

6. The system is supposed to be extremely quiet.

7. Halo tv series

8. A new Crackdown that was given more development time.

9. Lots of new exclusive first party IPs as well as new IPs from third parties.

10. The UI being a massive step up from the 360's.

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vlad321 said:
nightsurge said:
vlad321 said:
What would be cool is if it allows me to run any file I want from a network device (NAS) and/or has a file system. That, and if it's cheap enough I would totally buy it (not for the games at all). Also the ability to use things like Skype and IE, etc. without a LIVE subscription.

Though if it doesn't this is really just a more restricted, locked down, HTPC (read: worthless crap), because it's basically Win8, with kinect support. Excuse me if I'm not awed.

Excuse me if no one is surprised by your post.

Surprise doesn't make it any more or less true opinion.

Definitely intrigued by the rumble triggers on the controller. Also, I can't wait for the Halo TV show.

Exclusive games are a plus as well, of course, but until E3 there's not much to say on that front, other than that we know they have 15 of them planned for the first year.

-The Controller
-Kinect 2.0
-Instant switch between games,tv,etc.
-recording gameplay
-snap thing
-The name
-Transfer gamerscore

Even though this has nothing to do with the actually console, but I'm hyped for the Halo TV series. Waiting for more games to be announced before I add 'games'.

The controller and the next Halo game. Fable and the possibility of exclusive Western RPGs. Hope they have some more stuff hidden up their sleeves come E3

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The multitasking is freaking impressive.